Fact-Checking “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam” (Part 3)

In a video titled “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam,” AllTime10s insists that ISIS is “anti-Islamic” because the group has targeted Muslims. However, the Qur’an commands its adherents to wage jihad not only against unbelievers, but also against “hypocrites”…

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    From the people who brought us “Don’t Make Fun of Muhammad”. These videos should be required viewing in schools.

  • simus1

    All terrorist movements usually go to great lengths to ensure that those of the same ethnicity who aren’t very supportive of their activities get to be atrocity feed stock and a horrible example to show other laggards their future fate if they don’t get with the program. The interesting facet of muslim terrorism is how little systematic slaughter is really required to keep the sheep in line, especially in foreign parts.