Democrat’s Daughter Staple Guns Political Opponent’s Head

While the media tries to push a narrative that Donald Trump and his supporters incite violence, the truth is it’s the lefties that react violently when their political views are challenged. The daughter of a democratic Illinois State Rep. was arrested after she attacked her mother’s political opponent with a staple gun.

h/t Marvin

  • Liberal Progressive

    Don’t exaggerate. It’s the language of conservatives that is the real violence that must be silenced.

    Now if she wanted to really be violent, she would have brought out the nail gun!

    • mauser 98

      Obama was born in Kenya

    • That would hurt!

    • luna

      In fact it’s quite the opposite. The language of the left demonizes their political opponents to the point of inciting violence, case in point.

  • mauser 98

    same whack protestors are going to get Trump elected
    …and they don’t have to get up in the morning Presents: How to get Trump nominated
    “create an inescapable 24/7 news event that provides Donald with more
    free media airtime than any other candidate in the history of the
    universe has ever received”

  • simus1

    Chicago rules.
    Protect yourself in the clinches.
    Guess they beat it to let their highs cool down a bit.

  • Here’s the thing. Liberals only make emotional arguments because their world view is based on emotional reactions that are intended to sooth away the raw truth of the way the world is. When confronted by facts and reason, they will resort to almost anything to shut it down. The reason is cognitive dissonance. All factual observations and every rational argument based on them threaten to pop the soothing bubble of liberal imagery that keeps them soothed and pacified. They will do anything to stop the pain of the dissonance. They start with denial, escalate to name calling and demonization. If that doesn’t work? well. staple guns are a start aren’t they?

  • 3MileLimit

    A violent, Latina Democrat? Who also has a history of violence? No… way! And her boyfriend is a stupid White guy? I’m shocked!

    • T.C.

      Now a stupid white guy with a criminal record.