Conviction of Muslim terrorists marks a turning point for Swiss

Leading Swiss papers have welcomed the Federal Criminal Court’s ‘exemplary’ convictions of foreign Islamist militants, accused of planning a terror attack in Switzerland as part of the Islamic State group.

“This is a turning point which marks a real willingness to fight the jihadist threat,” the Le Temps French-speaking daily wrote on Saturday. “It sends out a warning signal…this verdict proves that Swiss justice wants to be intransigent on this sensitive area. There is no question of Switzerland, which for a long time has considered itself unaffected by the phenomenon, being the soft underbelly in the fight against terrorism.”

  • V10_Rob

    One is not a pattern. Make a few more convictions, show us this isn’t just a one-off sop, then we’ll take you serious about being tough on jihad.

  • Hate Crime In Progress

    As good as it is to see Switzerland coming to terms with the reality of mass Muslim immigration and all it entails… I think it’s already too late. As Mark Steyn so eloquently illustrates, it’s demographics.
    Western cultures have allowed Islam to take root the world over and now it’s simply a waiting game for them. They outbreed us and we pay them to do it through welfare. Even if we stopped bringing more in today, it’s only a matter of decades before they are the majority. Most don’t work and no society can afford to be a welfare state when the majority of it’s citizens don’t / won’t work.
    The West is finished if it doesn’t redress the problem it has allowed to flourish. Not just address it, but redress it.

  • Alain

    They lost me with “on this sensitive area”. Nothing senitive whatsoever about dealing with Muslim terrorists. This smacks of the lie that Islam is a race. A bit of common sense however is required.

    • Exactly so. We dealt with communism, and Nazism, we can deal with Islam.

  • Most media in Switzerland, including notably Le Temps, are shills for the Muslim invasion, constantly, daily, hammering people with pro-immigration and pro-immigrant propaganda, lying shamelessly by omission and commission and selective information and disinformation. They are evil liars and manipulators. I wouldn’t attach too much credibility to their rejoicing over the conviction of a couple of terrorists.