British ISIS hostage John Cantlie appears in new propaganda footage from inside Mosul

ISIS have released a new video featuring the imprisoned British journalist John Cantlie in Iraq.

Cantlie, who was kidnapped in November 2012, is shown berating the US-led coalition for bombing a media building in the ISIS-held city of Iraq.

It has been over a year since Cantlie appeared in a propaganda video showing life inside the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Stockholm syndrome?

  • H

    I never watch that asshole’s videos (or any ISIS vids actually) as a matter of principle. But my guess is that he initially began kissing up to them because he hoped it would allow him to continue breathing. Simple as that. But after a while, yes, he probably truly has adopted their beliefs, head chopping, death to the infidel, and the whole thing. To fit in – humans being social animals – and to make sense of the insane world he allowed himself to be trapped in.

    The interesting thing would be to see how he behaves if ISIS is destroyed but he himself survives: would he still be praising allah, jihad and all the rest of it, or would he try to minimize his punishment by claiming that he was brainwashed and “forced” to speak on behalf of ISIS? I guess at the Nuremburg trials there were both types of responses. But claiming ignorance, or powerlessness – “I was just following orders” – and therefore innocence, was perhaps most the most common defense.

    • African

      They forgot to give him their black flag and the long demonic islamic beard!

    • It’s hard to know his mind. I suspect after a debriefing he would be free assuming he ever gets out alive.

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