What makes the white working class angry? Twits like Hsiao-Hung Pai

She doesn’t seem to understand — or care — why the white working class of Luton are so angry, but finds the Muslim activist Anjem Choudary smiling and affable

  • bob e
  • Kathy Prendergast

    A Taiwanese journalist who insists, when working in an English-speaking country, on using a first name that no English speaker unfamiliar with Mandarin could possibly read or pronounce correctly has already set herself up to be offended and has set up the locals to sound like clueless boobs. Taking an English first name when in English-speaking countries is a long-accepted Chinese and Taiwanese custom because they’d rather not constantly hear their names mangled, but obviously that’s just not acceptable to Ms. Hsiao-Hung Pai.

  • Blacksmith

    I wish her to experience first hand the ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ of the islamist she so adores. It may teach her or it may kill her, either way is a win for civilization.

  • tom_billesley