Tyson a bore, taking the fun out of science?

Remember, from last Saturday, “A lot of science writers are tweeting about duck sex now, so that’s a plus.”

Now, from Digg:

On balance, Neil deGrasse Tyson has done an immense amount of work raising the public’s awareness around science. But peel back the veneer of his good fight against anti-science and you’re left with something that isn’t exactly pro-science. Starting a feud with B.o.B. over why the Earth isn’t flat doesn’t promote science, nor does it “convert” non-believers. Endlessly tweeting about scientifically incorrect things in ‘Star Wars’ isn’t getting anyone to thumb through a research paper. More.

Gosh, Digg’s Cool score is pretty high. So is Tyson going to join Dawkins on the C list of retro science stars? Right now, the big news about Dawkins is, he’s not popular with the government of Turkey…

Who’s the next science superstar?

Note: This could be part of a pattern of broad cultural changes that feels to me like a 3000 piece puzzle one-tenth done, and that only in scattered sections.  People like Dawkins and Tyson were once untouchable. Who is still untouchable in science? Besides Hawking?

  • Hawking dumped his wife for another chicky – that makes him anti-woman!

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I’d say instead that means Hawking REALLY likes women!

      Can I ask without being called a Luddite just what value “raising awareness” toward science has? We already know of this thing called “science”, yet these same science activist seem to have very little regard toward any of the foundations of actual science, starting with the scientific method or disregarding old theories when new information becomes available.
      Instead, they all seem like religious fundamentalists for the church of global warming and dogmatic proponents of atheism.
      In other words, they are the least scientifically and intellectually courious ones of the lot, and therefor not very good scientists.

    • Sure, but it doesn’t stick to him. Stuff has begun to stick to Tyson. With Dawkins the rap was that he said rude things about Islam, not just Christianity. Maybe a different type of case? One needs more examples for a good analysis.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I argue with my buddy at work all the time about Tyson and Nye.
        He says they are raising awareness about science.
        I say they are global warming hacks and therefore damaging.
        He won’t listen to me.

  • simus1

    Tyson is little more than Obama’s “officially approved black scientist” as per central casting Hollywood. Remember the gathering of doctors in the White House rose garden when Emperor Barry ordered them all to wear white lab coats Kim Jong-il style?
    Tyson is not alone. I have noticed that a very large number of excellent BBC science/ history documentaries which remained unmolested for years on YouTube featuring highly respected “(white) heavy duty movers and shakers in their respective fields” have disappeared. Replaced by louder, showier, shallower, enthusiastic younger multicultural “scientist teams” numbering at least three or perhaps even more.