The media are Trump’ secret weapon

I wrote to our American friend (the Political Animal), noting, the donorcrats are striking back punching air. Yesterday, I got a fundraising letter from Ted Cruz:

This election is in your hands…

It’s in your power to help me unite the Republican party, beat Donald Trump for the nomination, and defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

A group of very generous new supporters who are determined to unite the party have agreed to match every online donation made to my campaign made through the links below — dollar for dollar…

But there’s a catch.

I must prove that you and I can unite the party by securing at least 10,000 donations, or the offer is off the table.

Unite the party matching donation >> [The donorcrats will match you dollar for dollar.]

So, if you don’t contribute — they won’t match.

Because you have been one of my most loyal supporters — I’m reaching out to you first.

Okay, first, I am not one of Cruz’s most loyal supporters; I’ve never given him any money, am not an American, and so don’t vote in the States. I am watching this election with interest because the future of the Media Party would seem to be on the line.

I asked the Animal for his take:

Me: It’s clear the GOP donorcrats are doubling down. This must be costing them. I heard $200 million has already been spent on losing candidates.

Does Trump even spend a lot of money on media and fundraising? My thinking is: He who understands the internet spends very little.

He: He spends virtually nothing on either.

Me: Probably why I don’t hear from him very often. 😉

I’m sort of beginning to get it. Let me try: Take David Duke, the Klan’s klown, for example. Trump doesn’t disown David Duke so the media are in a foaming lather.

But, come to think of it, why should he disown him? Duke is nobody unless Trump disowns him. Then he suddenly becomes a somebody precisely because Trump believes he could be associated with him in some way! Then the Media Party gets what it wants.

Also, how come the Media Party never asks the Dems to disown La Raza or other admitted racist groups?

He: In reverse order:

Yes, this is a losing game the media never deploy on democrats. Wholly one sided.

Before Trump, republicans would accept the premise that some nut job glomming onto their candidacy or issues was a problem for them.

Trump is having none of it. The futility of trying to make him out to be a KKK supporter was absurd and only further reduced the media & GOPe in the eyes of the public.

Remember: Trump has significantly destroyed PC and PC is nothing but language that controls. He’ll never be forgiven.

Me: Something tells me he’ll never say he is sorry either. Maybe he’ll never need to.

See also: The Political Animal’s blow-by-blow account of the campaign starting with Tuesday’s slaughter (working backward).

  • In the future everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I like to be Hitler for 5 minutes in the morning while I’m having my coffee.
      I really enjoy the added pick-me-up that Hitler gives me!

    • Xavier

      No no Trump’s going to hog it all for himself.

      That’s a joke folks don’t get in a huff. 😉

    • Clink9

      I don’t want to be greedy. I just want to Hitler for these 4 minutes:

  • John

    It’s just amazing that America’s entire political establishment is now completely devoted to stopping Trump. The Republicans are far more focused on beating Trump than they are on winning the White House. We’ve never seen anything like this before. Neither party even gives a shit about the electorate anymore!

    • Clink9

      I guess we’re finding out they probably never did.

      The mask didn’t slip, Trump has ripped it off them.

      • They don’t need the American electorate in a global society.

    • Alain

      So what is new?

  • john700

    Also, how come the Media Party never asks Hillary to disavow the sexual predator campaigning for her ?

    • Alain

      No different than the questions short-pants Trudeau got such as what shampoo do you use.

      • El Martyachi

        Did he really get asked that? And what was the shampoo?.. asking for a friend.