Paris Attacks Suspect Salah Abdeslam ‘Caught Alive’

Paris Attacker Caught

The most wanted fugitive from November’s Paris attacks has been “caught alive” after being wounded in a Brussels shootout, say reports.

Includes a live feed and live blog

Update: Suspect Wounded In Brussels Terror Raid

ISIS fugitive behind Paris massacre is shot in leg after commandos use grenades to storm Brussels hideout

Salah Abdeslam capture

  • God, now shoot him.

  • Hard Little Machine

    But he can still stand for election in the EU parliament I hope.

    • I think the GOP may draft him to stop Trump first.

      • luna

        He’ll need to provide a birth certificate.

        • Kell

          Nah, he’ll just borrow obama’s!

  • tom_billesley

    Second suspect arrested at the same time as Abdesalem, and after some further shots fired, a third man was detained.
    Politician Theo Francken, Secretary of N-VA (New Flemish Alliance), tweet “We hebben hem” (“We’ve got him”) causes outrage.—Nu-ook-derde-verdachte-overmeesterd.dhtml

  • Clink9

    “We have to look at the root causes,” Mr. Trudeau said.
    “Now, we don’t know now if it was terrorism or a single crazy or a domestic issue or a foreign issue.

    “But there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded. Completely at war with innocents. At war with a society. And our approach has to be, where do those tensions come from?”

    Turdo may be very limited in his IQ or insane, but millions of Canadians voted for him.

    Very scary.

  • trespasserswill

    Just watch the “Human Rights” lawyers come swarming out of the woodwork to defend this lowlife.

  • luna

    Put him on a sharia trial for the whole world to see, but chose a respected jurist who believes in separation of religion and government.

  • ontario john

    Just more of that Islamophobia nonsense again. Its a good thing our police are more tolerant here in Sunny Ways Canada..

  • Gary

    Behold the master-race blessed by allah and destine to rule the Earth.
    Their vertical foreheads fool people .