Muslims not fearful of backlash over false claims of Islamophobic hate crimes

Teenager who claimed she was punched in face for wearing a hijab is revealed to have lied

A student who claimed she was punched in the face for wearing a hijab has been fined after CCTV proved she had lied.

The 18-year-old said she was hit by a man wearing a grey-hooded top ten days on November 23 – 10 days after the Paris terror attacks.

The teenager, known only as Miss Choudhury, went to police, who treated the allegation as a ‘hate crime’.

  • ed

    attempting to pervert the cause of justice in the uk can carry a maximum life sentence for the indigenous population ” mus-fuk paki invaders” get a £90.00 fine ! [ed uk ]

  • Barrington Minge

    Why have they pixelated out her beard?

  • simus1

    “18 year old miss choudhury”.
    Bet there is an interesting story there.

  • roccolore

    Of course not. Muslims never get punished for lying.