How Would You React to a Terror Attack?

Terror Attack Sumulation #2

A man walks towards me on screen and asks if I have a cigarette. I felt like answering him. People are waiting close by for the bus. A car approaches at speed, but it’s just dropping someone off. I’m prepared for the worst but he goes peacefully on his way. Then another car pulls up and, without warning, a man wielding a large knife suddenly charges in our direction after stabbing a passer-by. Even though I know this is not real, I feel a surge of panic, take aim and fire a series of shots. Unarmed civilians are close by.

  • Xavier

    Imma get one of those crowd funding things going to pay for the trip.

  • Xavier

    If we lived in a sane society that cared about life, families, and our culture, this type of training would be mandatory in every school.

  • Shebel

    Imagine if we had the Right to shoot these fuckers ?
    There is so many of them now.

  • infedel

    Oh come on; it is 2016 and we are dealing with this…trying to integrate and assimilate them… get over it…multicultis a social engineers political banker joke –50% of all Western budgets go to anti-terrorsm and the rest goes to the rapefugeess welfare invaders…whilewe that built our societies go without. Just ban islam like the barbarians ban Christianity from their lands…we do not have any humanitarian reason to take in our killers when their own wont take them,,,oh they send them here to kill and rape us and we pay for it …LUNACY.

  • andycanuck

    I don’t know how I’d react but it probably wouldn’t involve shooting up my TV, especially if it was that big!

    • Minicapt

      Notice the power cords and air hoses …


  • Minicapt