Gunman dressed in Muslim robes opens fire on a teenager in broad daylight in north London

It could be a scene from the heart of one of Los Angeles’ infamous ganglands – but this chilling video was in fact shot in a north London suburb just yards away from a busy shopping centre.

A gunman who appeared to be wearing Muslim dress was filmed chasing four teenagers past houses and parked cars before allegedly trying to shoot one of them as they cowered next to a house.

The shocking footage, which was taken outside Edmonton shopping centre around 2pm, showed the man following the young boys as they desperately tried to flee the scene.

  • Another attempt to trigger ‘islamophobia nonsense’.

  • tom_billesley

    Edmonton, Alberta, was named after this Edmonton. I expect both have changed a lot since the 18th century.

    • And not for the better.

    • FivePointSpurgeon

      Seem rather similar currently.

      • T.C.

        You got that right. Back in the day it was amusing enough when the Chinese and Ukrainian kids were making common cause against the Italian kids in the NE end of town. Can’t imagine what it is like now.

  • Jabberwokk

    But those gun laws though….

    • UCSPanther

      In France, automatic weapons, pump-action shotguns and even hunting rifles in military calibers are verboten, but that did not stop the Charlie Hebdo Killers nor the Paris Rampagers who wielded full-auto AK 47s.

      • Jabberwokk

        Whaaaaaaat?! But they told me if we took all the guns away we’d be safe!

      • V10_Rob

        I seem to recall the price tag on their black market full autos and RPGs is less than what I’d paid for a mundane rifle with all it’s legal paperwork.

  • Kaye92

    The good news is that it must be pretty near impossible to run in those ridiculous pajama outfits ….

    • ed

      in large parts of the uk the pajamas and slipper club are the norm and western dress is not seen ..a complete turnaround since the 80s when muslim invaders hid in plain sight , now they have their own no-go ghettoes where the pakis outnumber the indigenous population by 100-1 ,mosques.maddrasess , shops, and shairia law are the norm , areas just in mancheste now ruled by islam , longsight,.levenshulme, cheetam hill , Hulme, gorton , ardwick, chorlton on medlock , fallowfield, burnage to name a few all these areas border each other , number of mosques now 53 [ ed now east chesire ex levenshulme ]

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Bam bam bam bam…The sound of their God calling…

  • pdxnag

    It is the replacement for the fox hunt. Muslims playing with guns among unarmed Kafir. It is official sport, provided that it is accompanied by the obligatory Allahu Akbar! (Are there too many Kafir? Must they be culled today rather than tomorrow?)

  • UCSPanther

    Hah! Looks like England’s absurdly strict gun laws failed again!