FBI: UC Merced stabber a Muslim terrorist but not connected to Islamic State

Faisal Mohammad Muslim terrorist

Faisal Mohammad just a regular Muslim terrorist “inspired” by Islam’s ISIS sect.

The UC Merced freshman who stabbed four people before he was shot to death by campus police in November was “self-radicalized”and inspired by ISIS, but not connected to organized terror groups, the FBI said Thursday.

An investigation conducted by the FBI’s Fresno Area Joint Terrorism Task Force found Faisal Mohammad, an 18-year-old from Santa Clara, had visited extremist websites prior to the Nov. 4 attack, but apparently attacked alone, according to FBI spokeswoman Gina Swankie.

Oh. Well that’s a relief.

  • Flyboy

    Our police services twist every which way to keep the dots from connecting back to the true source of Islamic terrorism – Islam. If it wasn’t so dangerous it would be funny to watch – along the lines of Inspector Clouseau or the Keystone Cops.

    • Exactly so. God forbid they state the frickin obvious.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    We were assured that this had nothing to do with Islam and was the result of him getting kicked out of a study group.
    They never explained why he was kicked out of the study group either.
    Not one reporter ever bothered to ask why either.

  • Martin B

    “Self-radicalized” my foot. Somewhere in Merced there’s a mosque that needs to be shut down and an imam who needs to be deported.

  • Barrington Minge

    Get real!! they are all related to “islamic state”, they’re mooslims!

  • simus1

    Strange how all these “lone wolves” hatch in societies justly famed for their deep aversion to individual initiative of any kind and fanatic islam centred patriarchal loyalty to family, clan, tribe, that are much deeper than any political or nationalist inclinations.