Do Americans really want Trudeau to run for President?

No, and the big story is the seismic shift that the claim nicely illustrates.

From the Washington Post, recently sold to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in a fire sale and now run as his hobby: Two Americans just begged Canada’s Trudeau to run for U.S. president

From Bezos’s Hobby Magazine again: The many ways Canada’s Trudeau is the anti-Trump Sure, but how’s that working out for the folk who are running against Trump?

The fundamental rule of mainstream media is that one has got to understand the main stream of whatever one chooses to report on. The Post seems to have forgotten that rule—and no longer cares.

Our government broadcaster, the CBC (everyone pays, no one watches), chimes in here: Trending: American men drop to their knees, literally beg Justin Trudeau to run for U.S. president

(Trending? Really? Maybe the CBC is not reporting on any serious issues, so this kind of thing doesn’t get much competition… .)

So, of course, I pulled the plug on our American friend (the Political Animal)’s Twitter feed:

Me: This is absurd, even by these people’s standards…

Him: The American reaction to liberals reacting to Justin is one of embarrassment and nausea. It’s the American Left who frequently worships personality, first Obama, now this temporary northern import.

Me: Now that you mention it, the average American can’t be that stupid. You’re not short of twits down there, to judge from network TV.

But I am beginning to think is that a seismic shift is happening: People see that the media’s concerns re not really anyone else’s concerns. It took the internet to do that.

Him: The spell is broken, the game over.

Me: Well, it’s not over till it’s over, but I doubt things will be the same ever again, no matter what happens.

See also: The Political Animal’s blow-by-blow account of the campaign starting with Tuesday’s slaughter (working backward).

  • I’ll happily ship them Trudeau.

  • DD_Austin

    I bet it’s not the first time they’ve “dropped to their knees” (for money)

  • Alain

    I can only say: please do take him along with his unelected backers and handlers. After all, most of them are radical American leftists.

  • Canadian

    I want him to become president anywhere.
    As long as he gets out of here.

  • If they do, they really are stupid.