By The Numbers.. Or Else!

ABSOLUTELY TRUE FEMINIST doctrine for the right-thinkers teaches that there is a terrible, horrible, really bad Pay Gap between what men and women are paid over a lifetime, and therefore, in every job, and every wage or salary.

Lena Dunham false rape claim

  • Hard Little Machine

    All I can tell you is my boss is a woman, her boss is a woman, her boss is a woman and her boss is the CEO of a Fortune 20 company.

  • Clausewitz

    I thought we made a Pact to keep this Gorgon off of the webpage? You just scared my cat.

  • Ed

    The temperature from friction must be approaching ignition

  • Alain

    Such total BS. When women do exactly the same job, they are paid the same as men anywhere in the States or Canada. What they do is to claim that, for example a female clerk should be paid the same as a male manager, or a female nurse should earn the same as a male doctor.