Ann Coulter – voters deliver subtle message: die donor scum

To the extent it’s still standing after yesterday, the Stop Trump movement is comforting itself with the world’s biggest lie: that John Kasich is the embodiment of the Republican Party, while Donald Trump is the bastard stepchild.

It’s exactly the opposite.

It is no longer a question of what the party wants. The voters — remember them? — keep showering Trump and Cruz with Ceausescu-like percentages. The combined vote for Trump and Cruz is a ringing chorus of what this party wants: a wall, deportation, less immigration and no job-killing trade deals.

In other words, what the party wants is the diametric opposite of what the donor and consultant class wants. One would have to search the history books to find a party establishment so emphatically rejected by the voters as today’s Republican Party has been.

Trump and Cruz don’t agree on everything — Cruz is more interventionist on foreign policy, and Trump is more aggressive on bringing manufacturing home. But there’s not much daylight between them on the crucial issue of whether to dissolve America’s borders. By now, they both say build a wall, reduce immigration and protect American jobs.

  • John

    Never was there a more perfectly kicked field goal — with Rubio as the
    pigskin. He was hiked and kicked right through the goalposts.
    Absolutely love that line. Thanks for posting this.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And just as importantly, the media should be incinerated in boiling tar with all their families so they can go to hell to sexually service livestock for eternity.

    • Now the GOP wants to create a “Blacklist” of bad conservatives’)

      • Hard Little Machine

        Then the GOP deserves to lose. Sorry but if this what they’re doing then they should lose the election in the biggest landslide in history and the country can go straight to hell courtesy of the Hillbat they gave the job to. Sometimes you need to flatten Berlin to clear out the Nazis and make them surrender.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        It works both ways.
        Lists of businesses that are muslim owned are also lists of businesses that we can choose not to do business with.

    • rufusrastasjohnsonbrown

      I can tell HLM ,from the heart , best comment I have read today.Always keep a cheerful outlook ,Pierre Trudeau is dead and Torstar stock is ringing the toilet at $ 1.55 today.

  • barryjr

    Rafael is just riding along on Trump’s coattails on this one, not a word from him until he realized how important it is to the electorate. As to the GOP retards they better just shut up and back whomever the candidate is or the US will end up like Alberta.