Why Israeli Jews are Conservative and American Jews are Leftist

The Israeli left as a democratic political movement is dead. That piece of bad news was delivered by a recent survey which shows that only 8% of Israeli Jews identify with the left, 55% with the center and 37% with the right.

In the last election, the establishment Labor Party had to dress up as a wolf in Zionist centrist clothing by renaming itself the Zionist Camp (it still lost). The left had to create two other fake centrist parties to stop Netanyahu, but just ended up having to roll them into his center-right coalition.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    For those of you not into ‘reading and shit’…
    Daniel Greenfield needs to publish this at Taki’s.

    “The American Jewish left is the product of a spiritual vacuum. It is a decadent movement of the directionless, of the neurotically unhappy needing validation and narcissists clamoring for attention. It has no real challenges to grapple with and so it immerses itself in borrowed sufferings and ennobles itself by lecturing others. There is nothing Jewish about the Jewish left. That is the whole point.”

    • He nailed it.

    • J. C.

      I think this description applies to everyone who adopts leftism, not just Jews.

      • True.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Uhhh… Yeah.
        The article however was about the difference between Americans Jews and Isralie Jews.
        Unless you think Daniel Greenfield is some kind of an antisemite…
        The differences between American leftists and Isralie Jews wasn’t really the scope of the article.

      • H

        Some have suggested that the much greater resistance to Islam and the totalitarian ideas of the EU that are found in the former Eastern Bloc countries as opposed to western European nations, is due to their having been under the boot of the USSR for so long. And no doubt this is true – but it’s also because they are retaining (to a greater degree) their religious identity, which they mix (in a robust, healthy fashion, as Israel does) with nationalism.

        So presumably, the Left must hate both Christianity and Judaism with equal fervor, seeing them, quite rightly, as obstacles to the empowerment of socialism in a society.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Why are some of us who aren’t Joos more ardent defenders of Judaism than Bernie Sanders?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Bernie Sanders isn’t even a defender of the country that he’s trying to be President of, but since Obama, I guess that part is now optional.
        There are some good secular reasons to like Israel, primarily because all the leftists (Joo and non-Joo) hate it so much, and Israel is not bat-shit-insane, like every other country in their neighborhood.
        Beyond that… Maybe some Israelis here have some other thoughts.

  • Yes, Its a good one- But, as I posted over there, some good stuff here but why write about the struggles between the left and religion or between the left and reality as if they are over with? American Jews are evolving, mostly through subtraction. It is easy to be a Jew in America. So easy that is is a temptation to forget to be one. Jews who are non-observant and do not pass the consciousness on to their children ultimately subtract themselves. This will, eventually, leave a smaller but harder core. Many American Jews have focused on not calling attention to their Jewishness and behaving in way that they imagine make them immune from hatred. “How could anyone hate me if I become dedicated to fighting hatred and inequality?” Who would ever gainsay my worthiness if I become a selfless warrior to save the earth, the poor, the disadvantaged, the crippled, the hungry and the easily offended?” They ask this, (almost out loud) and then strut around with the insufferable self assurance of one who will sacrifice anything to occupy the moral high ground. Then they are shocked when they find themselves derided for the empty, arrogant dunces that they are. The learn the age old lesson: better to be a Jew and look out for yourself and your people with honesty and self-reliance than to pretend to be a neutered thing (not quite a goy and yet neither a Jew nor an apostate) Those with intelligence and pride will respect you as a Jew nobody cares how “good” you can pretend to be.

    • Thank you for that insight Yaacov.

    • osmiley

      Change Jew to Christian and examine thyself

    • Alain

      I guess they do not know that the same thing did not work out in the end in Germany.

  • Waffle

    Interesting question. Here is an on-topic letter in this week’s CJN:

    “Religious practice, the most overt marker of our identity, helps keep religious Jews together. But nothing can be done for other Jews, according to letter writer Jerry Paskowitz, who believes that those who “abandon” the “primary tenets of our religion” cannot remain Jewish.

    The word “abandon” suggests that being secular instead of religious is a choice. It is not. I am secular because I am unable to believe, not because I choose not to.

    I am sure that with or without secular Jews, the Jewish People will survive. But without secular Jews, it will live on as the relic of some quaint ancient religion, like Yazidis, Zoroastrians or Taoists. Fortunately, it won’t happen, because secular Jews identify as Jews, and need no one’s blessing to call themselves that. I am a Jew. To the core. It may be hard to explain, but there it is.”

    I can kind of relate to this writer’s opinion but with at least one caveat. Judaism is not a religion of belief. It is a system of laws. You either follow the laws (641 in all) or you don’t. The most important of the laws is observing the Sabbath. So while I am halachically Jewish (born to a Jewish mother, etc.) if I don’t observe the Sabbath am I really a Jew? (I do know that I am not a Liberal!)

    • vwVwwVwv

      # Waffle

      you are so wrong as wrong can be,
      even turning it around you’ll stand wrong. this kills us.

      judaism is like navaho, or like other indigenous people.
      the liberals (some of them call themself conservative) have
      made you belive that you have to follow the law and
      observe, belive and live the thora.
      its bulxxxx.

      i am sekular, the question is, do you respect your people,
      do you respect our trditions, do you hate thous who can belive?
      do you invent “NEW” judaisms to split your nation,
      thats what “differenciateing” is all about,
      split an people and you
      can crush them,
      sometimes, if you are smart, they’ll turn against eachother,
      SINAT CHINAM, the selfhateing jews are such.

      i wandered arund the planet, i was in a lot of synagoges,
      (newer in liberals, this are not jewish places of worschip)
      i was allways met with sympaty, not becaus i am a beliver, nor
      becaus i know hebrew, no, just out of my respect and
      knowledg of basic habits in synagoges for
      example not to enter the female
      areals there…

      as a refugee from the USSR i tell you,
      you have to check your position, it may hurt you but’s true.

      • Waffle

        When you learn how to read and write English, we can have a discussion.

        • vwVwwVwv

          thats right

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      As a non-Jew, I still find these kinds of discussions pretty interesting.

  • vwVwwVwv

    you can not be left and jewish, leftism is intolerant to other religions than leftism.

  • vwVwwVwv

    when i see female “rabbis” preaching strange stuff to the congregation on
    sabbat and driveing after this home with here care.
    there are hardly jews left in the
    US, mostly there
    are some nuts stageing stupid stuff they call judaism.
    evan bacon is more kosher.


    • I’m orthodox now – I wasn’t always. This pic reminds me of when I was looking for the community to worship with. I visited one like this – only the lesbians wore prayer shawls ( for our non-Jewish friends here, in mainstream orthodox practice only married men wear them).

      • vwVwwVwv

        i am not ortonothing, i am a jew, point and thous girls
        playing mama and dady are xwz but not jews.
        i am misrachi, i have no long beard,
        nor peijes, i have leared judaism from my
        grandpa and he from hes grandpa… this feminuts stuff
        is whatever it will not force me to ad anything to the word jew.

        i am a jew and all this liberal-humanistic-new age hippy stuf is
        awoda zara, worshiping idols.

        sorry for my bad english.


  • Timshel54

    Read this Jon Kay article some time ago hoping it would answer some of my own questions.
    It didn’t.
    I’d be interested to hear Yacoov ben Moshe’s opinion on this.

    I sure liked this though – “One answer I’d offer is that the idea that Obama is somehow “anti-Israel” is a complete myth.”

    Oh really? Wonder if Kay still believes it.

    • Oh I bet he does.

      • Timshel54

        Yeah…wouldn’t doubt it.

  • Shebel

    What a READ that was. I read every last word .
    All I could think of was – this is foreshadowing for the USA and Canada.
    I did not know that Israel , that tiny sliver of land , that homeland for the Jews, is suffering from the same problems that are destroying us, in our vast land.
    If the Jews can’t hold it together in unison—
    We are all fucked.

    • Kaye92

      True, they are dam that is holding back the full onslaught of Islam for the rest of us (multiculturalism aside – which might well be our undoing in the West). They also serve as a kind of lightning rod which attracts hatred to it – hatred that would otherwise be directed elsewhere. And if Greenfield is correct, they have had their own struggle with progressives and Leftists, such as the US and Canada are undergoing. And they have defeated them (for the time being at least – those guys never give up).

      • Shebel

        No. You are wrong.
        Israel has absolutely no effect on diluting Islamic hatred for the rest of us. Islam will Never run out of Hate.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Then we should find a way to run out of them.

    • vwVwwVwv

      read that

      Shock: Video shows Breaking the Silence apparently spying on IDF

      PM: security forces investigating incriminating videos filmed by undercover nationalist agents in ultra-leftist group.


  • FactsWillOut

    Is Gaza still full of Muzz? Then the Israeli government is still too far left.

    • Minicapt

      Not at all; when you look at the map. you’ll see that Israel is on the right.


      • FactsWillOut

        Not if you’re facing away from Mecca.

    • Shebel

      All those under worked huge bulldozers
      That huge beckoning sea.

      Sorry–I just dreaming.

  • Alain

    Leftism which is really just communism is every bit as much of a deadly disease as Islam. They are two peas in the same pod.