US Marshals spent $10m on equipment for warrantless Stingray surveillance

stingray phone tap

Roughly the size of a suitcase, the devices can be mounted in a car or, as the documents hint at, in planes. An investigation in 2014 by the Wall Street Journal found that the Marshals Service was also using similar technology, known as a Dirtbox, installed in a fleet of Cessna light aircraft.

  • This is damn scary stuff.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That’s why all this noise about encryption is bullshit.

  • CodexCoder

    So is this the equipment that the RCMP are using for the same purpose, and is this why the trial of late is behind closed doors so as to not reveal the abuse of due process?

    • Uncommunist

      And the ‘application’ of said information – leaves anyone the RCMP or police forces don’t like – completely at their mercy. People that have made valid police complaints, criminals, etc … wide open for fantastic abuse.

  • So from what I’ve read it seems to be a high-powered RF interceptor that impersonates the antennas for cellphone or Wifi signals (that’s why landlines are safer as are hard-wired internet connections. And both of the latter would at least require warrants because a physical intervention in the wiring is necessary).

    Just an educated guess, a tech like Dance could probably explain better. I’m not sure it captures RF.