UK: 280 Muslim terrorists arrested in 2015

I love the Guardian headline: Terror arrests fall but record number of teenagers held

Sounds like a huge decline! Terror arrests fell by a total of 9, from 289 in 2014 to 280 in 2015.

  • pdxnag

    Grain of sand on a beach. The EU generally needs to eject at least five to ten thousand Muslims each and every day for years on end if they hope to retain any modest bit of freedom.

    • I suspect it will get very ugly.

      • pdxnag

        The winner will not be fully known in my lifetime. (Age seems irrelevant for this assertion. Could be one.)

  • simus1

    To paraphrase Churchill, the British plods are presented to the credulous by their leaders as being burdened down by every law enforcement geegaw known to man solely for the protection of the public. Protection?

  • ontario john

    There they go with that Islamophobia nonsense again. Its a good thing our police in Sunny Ways Canada are not like that.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    That’s it?

  • I don’t understand the thinking of our idiot politicians. There must be thousands of Muslim terrorists or suspects in Western jails at this point — why don’t they just deport them? Why is deporting them “racism”?

    If the trend continues, then we’re looking at probably tens or hundreds of thousands of prisoners in the near future. An entire “Muslim Terrorist Penal Industry” will naturally grow around it in order to isolate these individuals from spreading their violent ideology within the prison system. Imo, the latter is where the real danger of “racism” or segregation lies, and you better believe that the political Left will play that victim card to the max.