Toronto Police Chief invokes Islamophobia following Muslim Attack

For the police chief of Canada’s largest city to ridicule such associations as “Islamophobic nonsense” demonstrates a clear bias against, and a failure to display adequate sensitivity to, valid public concerns on a core national security issue, thereby undermining public confidence in his ability to protect the public from further attacks motivated by the Islamic faith.

Canadians know to expect that our “authorities” will by well rehearsed habit lie through their teeth about Islam.

The political class relies on mass immigration and the divide and conquer strategy of multiculturalism to maintain power.

To date they have successfully used the trumped up charge of racism to silence dissent.

Those days are ending but they will cling to the lie, to the bitter end.

It was an incredibly stupid thing for Chief Saunders to say especially in light of the fact that the RCMP was in the papers that very day pleading that the 600 Mounties they have working counter-terrorism wasn’t nearly enough.

Further it was recently revealed that nearly 2 dozen terrorist plots have been disrupted by CSIS since the fall of 2015 and that a startling 50-55 per cent of CSIS resources are now focused on counter-terrorism efforts”

Those resources aren’t being expended on the rowdy Amish.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    These public officials only know how to repeat the lies they are told to tell.
    In a purely meritorious system, this goof would still be writing traffic tickets.

    • It was an incredibly stupid thing to say especially in light of the fact that the RCMP was in the papers that very day pleading that the 600 Mounties they have working counter-terrorism wasn’t nearly enough.

      Further it was also recently stated that 50-55 per cent of CSIS resources are now focused on counter-terrorism efforts”

      • Clink9

        They believe we are as stupid as them.

    • vimy


    • Alain

      I suspect the goof never worked as a cop, for all those police chefs are political appointments, most of the time being affirmative action appointments. They know nothing about policing.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Actually, it is the public which has been misled into believing that police are there “to serve and protect” them. Wrong-o! Problem is, the ones the police serve and protect are not the general public and never have been.

        Know the law. Know your rights. Have as little to do with police as possible. Never “cooperate” in any genuine sense with police; they will ALWAYS turn against you. Police are NOT your friends, and do not raise your children to believe such fantasies. Police are NOT going to become better or more moral in the future…

        • Raymond Hietapakka

          …my motto…”Never trust a cop, but Respect The Law.”…

        • Very true, they are at days end a member of the predatory public service union class looking out for their own interests and those of their ostensible political masters.

          Government is never your friend.

        • Alain

          Wasn’t suggesting that the police are our friends, only that the position of chief of police is a political (affirmative action) appointment and far too often the person has had zero experience as a cop.

    • The irony is most immigrants are conservative — certainly more conservative than the Lefties who promote unbridled immigration. I think the same would hold true with most Muslim immigrants — they would likely vote conservative if they were aware of how anti-God our militant secular Left is. But the Left media works hard at keeping Muslims unaware of that fact by exploiting their anti-Judeo-Christian sentiments. Someday Muslim immigrants will find out for themselves that they are being used as political pawns, and the shit’s really going to hit the fan for the Left.

  • sanwin

    I prefer to refer to him as Grand Mufti and famous Islamic Scholar Chief Mark Saunders.

  • chayisun
    • Funny as his own lawyer said he seemed a very intelligent young and did not request a psych report. He can later of course.

      The media will jump on this as always after all it has nothing to do with Islam.

  • Gary

    This is what the Diversity quota system does to a City like Toronto. For years we have heard about how great and just society will be once Minorities get in power.

    The Yonge street rioting and looting to minority businesses was NOT by the children of Black Canadian linked to slavery . It was caribbean youths from Government housing and the Jane & Finch area where it was their mother that crated a fatherless home with kids from different men .
    This FACT was ignored by Politicians that chose to make this a Racism issue for Blacks as if the natives in Canada had it so good with Quota jobs .
    Now we end with with a Black police Chief that wears his racism glasses and is now an Uncle Tom for islamists in Canada to cover for them even when the evoke Allah and quranic verses or the requests by ISIS do jihad be any means which include stabbing the infidels.

    Muhammed him self could come back to life and slaughter a jew right next to Saunders while Mo cites verse from the quran and praises allah in arabic and he would still warn people of islamophobia to blame islam for the actions
    of muslims .

    The muslm Brotherhood came to the USA in the 1950’s with a plot to incite hatred for white’s among the black community by tellin them that islam was the religion of Blacks while the jews and Christians were the white man’s faith.
    Saunders must have been poisoned in his Black community by the islamists and muslim brotherhood that brought their poison to Canada.

    The SATS Can data a while back had pointed out that only 10% of the Blacks in Canada were in Canada prior to 1970.
    How that hell do you get a huge number of black youths go on a riot on Yonge street and claim it was because of 400 years of slavery and the oppression in Canada.
    islamic org like CAIR are using Blacks to fuel hatred for Canada and the USA while they lie about how Muslims also founded the USA and were the slaves brought in from Africa.

    Nice one Toronto , you try to get rid of the racism in the Police by hiring another racist Chief but this time he’s Black and hates whites while be an islamophile to defend Jihadists.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    In the US the people are revolting against lying leadership. That’s why Trump is doing so well. You can dislike his style, but there is no PC BS in his world.
    It’s time for the people everywhere in the non-Islamic world to stand up and remove lying leadership.

  • canminuteman

    If you read the crime reports in any big city news paper in Canada, you will very rapidly come to the realization that we have a muslim crime problem way out of proportion the size of their population.

  • Justin St.Denis

    As a veteran Canadian and American with more than a few decades of life and experience under my belt, I can assure Mark Saunders that muslims fuck everything up. They have fucked everything up here in Canada over the last three decades, ditto the USA, and they have been fucking up the Middle East for centuries. Or maybe Mark Saunders is as fucking stupid as he looks. Hard to tell…..

    • Sid Falco

      “Or maybe Mark Saunders is as fucking stupid as he looks. Hard to tell…..”

      I doubt anyone is as stupid as he looks.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I guess there’s only a finite number of talented candidates available for those Affirmative Action jobs…

  • moraywatson

    Someone really should ask Chief Saunders to expand on what he means by “that islamophobia nonsense”.

  • gxp01

    It won’t be long now for Canada to have its own CAIR (aka: Muslim whiner central) branch here considering Toronto is the most diverse cities in North America….

    • CAIR has been active in Canada for quite some time. They changed their name to the NCCM when the association with terrorists became too hot to handle.

      • gxp01

        oh fuck me sideways! Thank you for that information. I shall look out for these NCCM fucktwats.

  • Sid Falco

    Just look at him, an exercise in box-ticking.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Affirmative Action jobs don’t always get the best and brightest candidates…