The Red-Green Axis Takes Aim at Free Speech


When George Zimmerman was acquitted in the Trayvon Martin killing in July 2013, the BLM launched its Twitter hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter. As explained by Jim Simpson, “Exploiting blacks to promote Marxist revolution is an old tactic. The late Larry Grathwohl, former FBI informant in the Weather Underground, understood from personal experience how white communists exploited blacks and other minority groups.” Since its inception, the BLM movement has become synonymous with support for radical leftist causes as well as blatant promotion of vicious racism.

  • Does anyone ever remember MLK using the clenched fist salute? I don’t. Maybe he did, but it must have been rare — never seen a photo of MLK with his fist in the air.

    • Kell

      Malcolm X and the black pampers, but not King that I’m aware of, either! If King were alive today, he’d be pissed at what these ass-clowns have done in his name…a black clenched fist is a black power sign and young numb-nutted whites using it is actually pretty funny, when the crap hits the fan, and it will, these little white kids are going to find out exactly where the others true loyalty lies, and rightfully so, and its going to leave a mark, bet on it! But, in MY life, the lessons that taught me the most about being the man I am, hurt the most, too! Maybe they’ll learn something though its not looking good, its hard to break the victim/ mooch mentality without a some hard pain!

  • lolwut?
  • Kell

    LOL…there are more muslims in this pic than blacks, whites or browns, THAT’S whose financing this bullshit, them and Soro’s!