Tennessee state rep: Islamic State should be allowed to recruit at colleges


Speaking on behalf of a bill centered around free speech, a Knoxville-based lawmaker on Wednesday said a terrorist organization should be allowed to recruit on college campuses in Tennessee.

  • Say what?

    • V10_Rob

      Trying to decide whether this guy is really that oblivious, or if he’s a secret Trump provocateur.

  • DMB

    Since when is recruiting for a terrorist organization intending on killing innocent civilians free speech! It time to bring back treason laws.

    • Observer

      I suspect treason and sedition laws are still on the books, it’s just that Barack Hussein Obama and the “Justice Department” don’t want to enforce them for some people.

      • luna

        They won’t even identify who “some people” are.

  • Eat shit, buddy.

  • Well, I guess then by following the same logic the Legislator wouldn’t have any problem with the Ku Klux Klan recruiting on campus either. Unless of course we were to assume that he is incapable of thinking logically (heaven forbid — the Dems are most logical people in the world! Yugely logical!)

  • Exile1981

    Sure, go ahead and recruit people…. but we’ll have a marine sniper nearby to welcome them.

  • infedel

    Idiot…cannot fix low IQ…must contain.

  • Frances

    But would he allow pro-life students to recruit on campus?

    • Will Quest

      Not bloody likely , these damaged regressive-progressives hate their Judeo-Christian heritage with a passion .

  • Jay Currie

    Recruiting is a slightly different thing from advocating. If some loony Muslim wants to say ISIS is doing God’s work that is free, if insane, speech. Actively recruiting for ISIS goes well beyond speech.

    • luna

      I think this whole story is making something out of nothing. As far as I can tell the proposal was simply not to censor “objectionable” speech on campus.

      Your absolutely right about the difference between recruiting and advocating.

  • Gary

    Does this uncle tom for ISIS know what Arab muslims that are whahhabis do to Blacks????
    There’s a noose with his name on it under shariah by Obama’s saudi buddies .

  • Shebel

    Yes ! Of course ,terrorists should be able to recruit in our Universities.
    They have been for quite a while.

    This is why TRUMP is popular.

  • Shebel

    ‘Jesus is the Son of God and He warned about Evil false Prophets’.
    Can someone say this in University?

  • Hard Little Machine

    We should at least have a rational discussion on campus about bringing back slavery, decriminalizing domestic violence and child rape.

  • CodexCoder

    And how would this same representative feel if, after gaining supremacy, the ISIS crew re-instituted the collection and sale of black people into slavery as has been the Islamic M.O. since inception? What would he say at that point? I am assuming that the picture on the article is a picture of Rep. John D. Berry, Democrat, and subject of aforementioned article.

    A society must decide what is right and wrong, or face absolute chaos. Discuss ISIS, by all means: condone ISIS, unacceptable.

  • pdxnag

    They already do.

    Just search on: Tennessee Muslim Student Association

    Then hunt for the Islam as taught in grade schools and high schools. The evil of Islam is good, and opposition should be met with death.