St. Patrick’s Day deemed ‘cultural appropriation’

To this I say...

To this I say…

An op-ed in Concordia College’s student newspaper argues that St. Patrick’s Day, like Cinco de Mayo, is a form of “cultural appropriation” on the part of revelers who do not share those ethnicities.

“Similar to the way many non-Mexicans celebrate ‘Cinco de Mayo,’ most of the people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day are not Irish,” Johnny Wagner writes Thursday in The Concordian. “St. Patrick’s Day seems like just a harmless day on which people go to parades and drink lots of beer, but is it actually an example of subtle cultural appropriation?”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I need to start a Go Fund Me page to fly out some knuckle dragger from County Cork Ireland to body slam this idiot, repeatedly.

    • Dam I hate it when they misuse academic terminology such as “cultural appropriation”. If I got sloppy with terminology like that in a research paper while I was in U., I’d have to rewrite the paper or get a “D”. What a waste of time debating these idiots — I’m leaning more toward the repeated “body slamming” solution you suggested. More scientifically verifiable — it’s repeatable!

    • I’m Irish.

      If my Chinese friends wear a green hat and we have a beer, are they guilty of cultural appropriation?

  • V10_Rob

    Round up all the students on campus, and have them declare their religion (if any). Non-Christians will be given supplemental exams in place of Christmas holidays, so that their conscience is not stressed by culturally appropriating someone else’s celebration. That’ll stop this nonsense dead.

    Two can play at this game. Anyone that doesn’t identify as a proud of Western culture should be denied:
    – The right to vote in representative elections.
    – The right to a fair trial
    – Various other civil liberties won by blood that are central traditions.
    – Food grown using European farming techniques
    – Use of technology created by Westerners
    We can keep going, as long as you want to keep talking about ‘appropriation’.

  • Frances

    So if I have an ancestor born in Ireland, I’m okay to celebrate. But what if said ancestor happened to be “British” as in parents British with estates in Ireland or Dad in the British Army? Am I still okay to celebrate?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Dad in the British Army!?

      Naaa, just kiddin’ do whatever ya want. 😉
      Any other answer just wouldn’t be authentically Irish at all.
      The Irish are a flexible people.

      • Frances

        Just remember at least one of the Clancy brothers (the singing group) went more or less from IRA to RAF.

    • Shebel

      You can celebrate but also get knee- capped.

  • Shebel

    To hell with the Irish !
    I stopped drinking an hour ago.

  • Minicapt

    “Cinco de Mayo” is not the Mexican Independence Day; that occurs 16 Sept. It is mostly a feast day for Americans of Mexican descent, and generally sponsored by various Mexican beer brands. Thus, no cultural appreciation.


    • And apparently St Patrick’s Day isn’t a big deal in Ireland, it’s really more of an American thing. Plus, hasn’t it been kind of a gay pride event for years as well? Is that “cultural appropriation”? I’m guessing not, since gays rate infinitely higher than Irish in the victim hierarchy.

  • I’ll let me Sainted Irish Mum know.

  • simus1

    There’s this half white and pretty much half arab guy who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii and he constantly tries to pass as an “African American”. Isn’t that even worse cultural appropriation than drinking beer dyed green?

  • moraywatson

    And most people who celebrate Christmas are not Jesus. What’s your point ?

  • Raymond Cameron

    The Irish say that on St-Patrick’s day the whole world is Irish…

  • Allan

    Not only “feck off!” but take everyone else that thinks like you with you.

  • Joel Shapiro

    Well, I guess there are two kinds of multi-culturalism. The first appreciates, celebrates, shares, and learns from other cultures. The other demands complete cultural separation to enforce cultural purity. What’s next: gender separation; ethnic and national separation; religious separation; racial segregation? I hope to keep that kind of purist, non-sharing, separatist political correctness as far away from me as possible!