Shocking Video Shows How Eager Average Americans Are to Hunt Down Muslims For Cash

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The “Trump Is Hitler” Meme Is Here To Stay

In an exclusive interview, Wynn described the disturbing ease with which he was able to recruit average Americans to hunt down Muslims. “Many people gave me a stink-eye when I said I worked for him, then their hate disappeared when I told them about the money,” he said.

Bonus: Trump Is the Face of Modern Fascism


  • Good Lord;)

  • Xavier

    If you read the article, you’ll see people didn’t want to do it until they were offered money, and therefore Trump is the new Hitler.

    It all makes perfect sense.

  • This is “agent provocateur” type stuff. I wonder if the FBI realizes just how much the militant Left has graduated from simple “hippie” protestors to the type of complex provocateur activities that Soviet KBG spies were once known for. The Left is PROMOTING hate crimes against Muslims, and hate crimes against conservatives like Donald Trump, because they can politically exploit this type of social conflict to mobilize the masses and subvert the United States. Probably for the same reasons the Soviets did it.

    Pretending it’s an “artistic/psychology” experiment is b.s. — it has real world consequences and the FBI should look closer. It also breaks academic ethics rules for a legitimate “experiment” — informed consent is the cardinal rule in academia.

    • Exile1981

      University profs are above the law and rules if they are doing social justice work…. – sarc

    • V10_Rob

      Bet I could get just as many takers (if not more) to hunt down ‘fascist capitalists’, ‘hate mongers’, ‘white oppressors’, ‘deniers’, ‘Zionist occupiers’, or other equally nebulous boogeymen of the left.

  • Anyone who badmouths Trump for stating the truth about Islam is not worth reading.

    Anyone who speaks the truth about Islam gets my vote.

    I am sick and tired of worthless excuses for Islam made by fools who don’t and won’t read Islam’s “holy books”.

    It has been nearly fifteen years since 9/11. How long do politicians and the media need to read about Islam?