PM Useful Idiot to the Rescue! Two Muslim Terrorists Seek Ministerial Help To Stay In Canada

Terror suspect Mohamed Harkat plans ministerial plea to stay in Canada

Terror suspect Mohamed Harkat, facing deportation to Algeria, plans to ask Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to allow him to remain in Canada.

Harkat is preparing a formal submission to Goodale requesting that he decide it would not be “contrary to the national interest” to let him continue living in Ottawa with his wife Sophie, said Barbara Jackman, one of the Algerian refugee’s lawyers.

This is the 2nd Muslim Terrorist this week to announce they will ask PM Useful Idiot’s government for help to despoil Canada.

And you just know he will grant it.

  • Man_with_Hat

    Turdeau will spend days agonizing over this. Not the outcome, just the pandering words he will need. Meanwhile, he hasn’t had time to visit our wounded, or do more than that tweet that I’m aware of. On Tuesday I went to the Legion and then over to the recruiting office. The enlisted man at the door, sitting where the attack started the day before, in place of the first wounded, hadn’t shaved. Looked like he wouldn’t need a razor for some years yet. I enquired after the Naval Officer and he said I could ask at the desk if I showed some ID. Drivers License or Passport? I said I’m too old to drive and too poor to travel would my Health card and Legion card suffice? An Officer was just heading out the door so he asked him, and he turned and looked at me and said he’s in the back I’ll get him for you. Three or four others came out first when they heard my voice and agreed they would stay in for lunch and come over after work.
    When I arrived back across Yonge St to the Legion, the Bar Steward said there was a reporter who wanted to talk to me. This snowflake sure stood out even though there were only a couple of members there. She asked me how I was as she started to walk towards where I stood at my table and had a swig of ale. I’m angry, my guys can’t hold poppy boxes if they’re beheaded. After hesitating and I sat down she approached and introduced herself as Verity Stevenson from gasp The Star. I thought I should introduce her to the enlisted man, but I should check her creds. Are you a communist I asked. No. Then why are you working at a communist paper. Experience, recent Concordia grad. I ranted against the press, loudly and forcefully such that I knew nothing of what I said would be printed. She kept her cool, and after I asked her some questions and she was delighted to learn as I schooled her in the day in 2002 when Free Speech died to Sharia at her Alma Mater and Gamil Gharbi at what she called the French school. I told her the boys might be over after work, but the Naval Officer arrived and said they decided to go home to their families. He told me the wounds weren’t serious, cuts rather than stabs. He had a condo board meeting but would be back later with his 93 year old vet buddy who can still belt them out at karaoke. The impression I got later in the evening was the incident itself, no big deal individually, we’ll wait to see what the aftermath is. Gotta go say my goodbyes to my friend Salomon.

    • Alain

      Have to disagree that Trudeau will spend any time agonising over this and what to say. Being a puppet he will simply perform as those pulling his strings will direct him to do.

  • Kell

    How does Canada go about replacing your Ministers? By bribery and cronyism, like here in the States?

  • Jay Devvy

    Well, because it was allow them.

    Such assholes are honorary citizens of Justin. Indeed, Trudeau wants to achieve a non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, he is convinced that this status of a top diplomatic success for Canada so he is ready fawning before any scum

  • Jay Devvy

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited United Nations headquarters in New York on Friday.During this visit, he declared Canada’s commitment to fully supporting the United Nations agenda, including the Paris climate change agreement, human rights (particularly the rights of refugees) and UN peacekeeping. Ie the right of terrorists, who are described here, to stay Canadian citizens and terrorists includes in the list of commitments that Trudeau wants to perform, the same cartridges along with friendship with the terrorists of Palestine against Israel. To that end, our useful idiot Trudeau announces Canada’s candidacy for election to the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member for a two-year term that begins in 2021. He apparently forgot that Canada has been a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and it is not brought any dividends. Sneaks of Trudeau and Trudeau will present this step to Canadians as the most important achievement
    The only way to get rid of this solution is to get rid of Trudeau, ie to re-elect him