How Syria’s Uprising Spawned a Jihad

This month marks five years since the start of the Syrian uprising—a movement that, for a brief period in March 2011, looked like it might bring peaceful change to an authoritarian state. By that point, the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt had already stepped down amid protests, seemingly marking a nonviolent end to decades of dictatorial rule in each country. Back then, it was puzzling to hear Syrian President Bashar al-Assad insist in justifying his crackdown on the opposition—a crackdown that had already killed more than a thousand civilians by the end of the summer—that the protesters who wanted democratic reform were “terrorist groups.”


Nowhere in the world does Islam exist in peace.

All Islamic states persecute religious and ethnic minorities when they aren’t busy murdering one another.

The only time Islam preaches tolerance is when they are a minority.

It is simply a numbers game. A game they have so far played very successfully in the west by co-opting the Kumbaya “values” of our useful idiots.

In Europe their numbers are growing steadily, each day they become more aggressive.

Islam is not a religion of peace. That is a lie.

  • Islam’s social blueprint in action. You get either strongman thugs or religious fanatics. That is the Islamic choice.

    When Islam rules those are your only choices.

  • simus1

    Once rational people in the ME finally realized who Obama and Hitlery intended to place in power there was quite a sea change.

  • G

    If you guys aren’t going to use that tank anymore can I have it?

  • Not a heck of a lot of difference between the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia or Iran re: the application of Sharia law. They’re all brutal savages, only difference being that the Sauds and Iranis have been at it longer as an institutionalized form of religious violence and it runs smoother. The head-lopping, limb-chopping, woman-stoning, gang-raping, Gay-hanging machinery is better oiled.