Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Hope you all have an enjoyable drunk or whatever;)

Pic by Little Zilla! Pip has found the Pot O’ Golden Ham!

Leprechaun Pip

  • Waffle

    WOW!! This kid is getting better and better. How old is she anyway?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Paddy had been drinking at his local pub all day and most of the night,

    celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

    Mick, the bartender says, ‘You’ll not be drinking anymore tonight, Paddy’.

    Paddy replies, ‘OK Mick, I’ll be on my way then’. Paddy spins around on his stool and steps off. He falls flat on his face.

    ‘Damn’ he says and pulls himself up by the stool and dusts himself off. He takes a step towards the door and falls flat on his face, ‘oh bloody damn!’

    He looks to the doorway and thinks to himself that if he can just get to the door and some fresh air he’ll be fine.

    He belly crawls to the door and shimmies up to the door frame. He sticks his head outside and takes a deep breath of fresh air, feels much better and takes a step out onto the sidewalk and falls flat on his face.

    ‘Bi’ Jesus… I’m in bloody trouble,’ he says.

    He can see his house just a few doors down, and crawls to the door, hauls himself up the door frame, opens the door and shimmies inside.

    He takes a look up the stairs and says ‘No bloody way….’

    He crawls up the stairs to his bedroom door and says ‘I can make it to the bed’. He takes a step into the room and falls flat on his face. He says ‘damn it’ and falls into bed.

    The next morning, his wife, Jess, comes into the room carrying a cup of coffee and says, ‘Get up Paddy. Did you have a bit to drink last night ?’

    Paddy says, ‘I did, Jess. I was bloody pissed. But how did you know?’

    ‘Mick phoned .. . . You left your wheelchair at the pub.’

  • ntt1

    About forty years ago me and my recently arrived Chinese girlfriend were pulled over for outrageously speeding heading up the valley.the officer inquired as to where the fire was, I. Replied that we were heading to a Saint Patrick’s day party and were running very late.the officer who I suspect had valid Irish ancestry looked at my very Chinese lady friend and said “I suppose you are claiming Irish ancestry too”? She replied in heavily accented English ,;Yes county cork.
    He considered this for A bit and
    Then with a heavy sigh,told us to get outta here and dismissed us with no warning or ticket for that matter one of the very few traffic crimes I have ever gotten away with.

  • Half Judean (Destroyer-Drone)

    Saint Paddy’s overdone.

  • SDMatt

    Faith and Begorrah sez Pip. ‘Tis a foin, foin day when me favourite pork product sits at the end of the rainbow.

  • Dana Garcia

    I will salute national sovereignty later in the day with some tasty Bushmills.

  • simus1

    Koreans are sometimes called the Irish of Asia.

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    • Observer

      I don’t know why the image didn’t show.

  • Thanks, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Our internet has been out due some stormy weather, but Lil Zilla will be delighted when she sees her picture here tomorrow when she wakes up!
    It’s been a busy day here with the puppies. We’re all tuckered out!