Worth the wait…

  • luna

    I just replayed the ladder getting smacked a dozen times. I hope he’s okay.

  • Mannie

    I met a guy who had something like that happen to him. He was bucking a pile of logs. When he made one cut, the pile shifted, flinging him into the air. The saw tagged him on the way down, cutting his leg to the bone. The trees were angry. The spirit of Tolkein lives! 🙂

  • Lesson number one: Never cut off a horizontal limb without making a sizable undercut on the underside of the limb. This will prevent kickback of the kind shown here or (more important to the survival of the tree) the stripping of barck from the bottom of the part of the lib you want to preserve. Idiot.

  • T.C.

    An old logger told me once that trees like this were referred to as “school Marms.” Because you’d get a smack if you did something stupid whilst cutting them down.

  • simus1

    One of those times when measure once, cut twice works better.

  • richfisher

    I cut trees.

    Tie off the climber to the tree.

    If that idiot had even looked at any youtube videos he would have seen the same thing 100 times.

    • Gary

      True, I would have cut the branch from the bottom just far enough to weaken it while having rope around the end . Come down from the ladder and pull on the end rope to snap the weak spot as someone holds the sling rope that will be eased up to lower it.

      i saw a branch like this hit the ground and bounce back up to shift over just far enough for the end piece to crush in the drivers roof are of a Volvo.
      It was curved and had broke off during a winter storm from the freezing rain that stressed it to the snapping point.

  • richfisher

    BTW Blazing, if you need tree trimming or removal let me know, I feel bad i can’t contribute $ wise to your site and Kathy’s.