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We had a server glitch this morning which has just been corrected.

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  • A bit off-topic, but may be a helpful FYI for fellow nerds out there. Below is a screenshot of all the servers that are contacted by simply viewing this comment page — some 44 sites (sorry, all of them don’t fit in the screenshot)!

    As you can see I have blocked some 20 sites. Although some of the blocked sites are probably innocuous (ad services and stuff), a lot of them are in fact tracking sites if you look them up. Google servers (which are the most proliferate) I’ve blocked entirely, and same goes with Twitter (kudos to BCF, I’ve never found Facebook here!) Doesn’t mean that I can’t use Google etc., just means that’s there’s no automatic telemetry, metadata, or tracking sent to them.

    40 or more sites is actually quite typical for a simple page view everywhere on the net. Scary when you think about it.