Islamic State flag found near the body of Illegal alien gunman named after Brussels shootout

An Isil flag, a Kalashnikov and a book on Salafism were found in the flat where a suspect was killed during shootout in Brussels on Tuesday, according to deputy Brussels prosecutor, Thierry Werts.

The dead man has been identified as Mohammed Belkaid, an Algerian unknown to security services and an illegal immigrant. He is only known to have committed a petty theft in 2014.

He was killed by a special forces sniper after shooting at police from a window. Four police officers, three Belgian and one French, were injured in the shoot out.

Two suspects have been arrested – one after checking into hospital with a broken leg. Two other suspects are at large.

  • Millie_Woods

    Or ‘Carcass found beside Kalashnikov and ISIS paraphernalia’.

  • luna

    It’s simply an Islamic flag, own it people.