GOP Delegate: We Pick The Nominee, ‘Not The General Public’

peasants and pitchforks

Republican National Convention rules member Curly Hauglandtold CNBC’s Rebecca Quick Wednesday that, “contrary to popular belief,” Republican voters don’t have a say in who the eventual nominee will be.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I have an idea, and I bet it would be a great idea.
    You know how I always go on about “keeping lists”, well, where might I find that list of GOP delegates?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Trump is not a lock, yet.
      But, he’s in the driver’s seat.
      I don’t know if Trump would choose Cruz for his running mate.
      But, if he did the race would be over today.
      Together they have the delegates to form a plurality that would be insurmountable.
      If Trump had won Ohio it would have been over.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Kasich is an asshole and I hope his career dies this year.
        Trump and Cruz ain’t going to happen.
        Those two guys hate each other too much already.
        I’d be shocked if he even asked Ted Cruz and I’d be doubly shocked if Ted Cruz said “yes”.
        I used to support Ted Cruz before Trump made his illegal alien comment that is the real thing that launched his political career.
        Nobody else was even mentioning it and Cruz has a not so good record on H1Bs and Illegal immigration and was one of the jackasses calling on Trump to both apologize and to quit the race.
        If Cruz didn’t have Trump breathing down his neck, he’d be just another conservitive politician making conservitive promises and then breaking him.
        Cruz only looked uber conservative everyone else was so far to the left of him.
        I did my happy dance when Jeb Bush cratered, because before Trump came along, he WAS the number one favorite pick.
        Fuck that shit!
        It’s either Trump or burn it all to the ground as far as I’m concerned.

        I’ll tell you this, if Trump gets robbed at the convention, or if he loses to Hillary Clinton ‘for no good reason’, then expect a very serious “militia 2.0” movement that is radically anti-government, but now also very violent to appear.
        I used to think such talk was utter insane crazy talk even six months ago, now there are lots of signs that those beliefs are coalescing, but many are waiting to see how the election plays out before they begin to go down that road.
        I just keep running across too many people on the internet that are taking some pretty disturbing stuff that a while ago would be unthinkable.
        Trump’s election will forgo a lot of potential bloodshed and the media and GOPe (even Cruz supporters) are kinda clueless about why some are supporting Trump.
        It’s their one last trip to the ballot box before they start setting fire to things.

        • Maurice Miner

          DBN: “Trump’s election will forgo a lot of potential bloodshed”

          You reckon? Have a look at the following (yeah, I know it’s from Alex Jones and the crazies, but no-one else has reported it yet):

          So, if Trump loses, blood on the streets. If Trump wins, blood on the streets.

          Hmmm. I might just try to attempt to guess the outcome. Alex, $500 on “blood on the streets”.

          Cautionary note – be prepared.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Okay, how about MORE bloodshed if Trump loses.
            The problem with Alex Jones is that he’s crazy, until he isn’t.
            I don’t know how to take what he advocates, or predicts.

          • Maurice Miner

            True, dat!

          • I agree. The conspiracy nutballs were laughable when they used to predict that Obama would stay in power and do something to interfere with the democratic process.

            Now I can actually envision a scenario like that — the Dems (in collusion with Rep establishment and Left media) are actively encouraging mass disruption against Trump through their proxies and Fronts. Think about it for a moment — Trump has zero Governmental power, holds no political office, and has passed zero legislation. He’s simply an aspiring candidate at this point. So what exactly are they trying to disrupt?

            Obviously they are disrupting Trump’s right to run, and for voters to exercise their democratic right to choose to elect him. It’s an assault on the democratic process itself, and the ensuing violence (whether caused by the Marxist / Islamist disrupters or by voters defending their legitimate constitutional rights) would be the perfect pretext for the Obama administration to intervene and either cancel, postpone, or engineer the election in order to “stop the chaos” that they themselves are creating. It’s a classic Fascist tactic.

          • Not unthinkable, I fear.

          • I’m thinking in terms of the meaning of the word “fascism”. Which, if I remember correctly its Latin roots is from “fasces” which refers to a bunch of sticks tied tightly together in a bundle. The idea behind it being that a bunch of sticks tied tightly together is practically impossible to break; whereas a single stick is easy to break. Socialism in general is based on the premise — individualism has no value.

            Hence, the organized mob intimidation and violence — makes perfect sense to me from where I sit as far as achieving (through force) their political agenda.

          • Good point. The main practical characteristic of fascism is, to my mind, street violence to achieve political ends. That is why the accusation of fascism can be pointed at the left as well as at the right.

          • Exile1981

            Thats not an unlikely scenario. I was thinking an assasination days before election day to give cause to postpone the election for a year.

          • Xavier

            Streets? How about “Convention floor”?

          • Maurice Miner

            Xavier – Cleveland is going to be a bloodbath irrespective of anything else. Whether it spills out onto the streets or not is open to conjecture.

          • Sean Connery

            Shounds like Double Jeopardy Alex.

        • Exile1981

          I was saying to the wife just last month that I had noticed a lot more nilism among people I considered as “work through the system types”. To me that says anger and frustration.

          but you put it into words much better than I did. thanks

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          We didn’t need another Clinton/Bush matchup.

  • Clinton

    Curly Hauglantold inadvertently explained just why the Republican Party
    is in danger of implosion. Party leadership feels it needn’t listen to the
    concerns of the grassroots, it’s only the desires of the big donors and
    beltway insiders that matter. The voters are tired of being taken for
    granted when they aren’t being treated with naked contempt. Why should
    I give my vote to someone propped up by party insiders, someone who
    couldn’t care less what matters to me, simply because my ‘betters’ in
    the party tell me that’s who the party wants?

  • mauser 98

    snivelling whiner Boo Hoo Boner wants Paul Ryan for POTUS
    Paul Ryan now says he does not want to be POTUS

    this means he really really wants to be POTUS
    Rovians want Ryan , Kasich ticket

  • canminuteman

    If Trump, is the favoured candidate and then he loses at a convention, his supporters should stay home let the Dems have it and concentrate on building a new party. What is the point of voting for the Republicans at this point? And no they are not better than the Dems, they are exactly the same thing.

    • DD_Austin

      Nope, if Trump is screwed over by the GOP, he should run independant
      and bury the traitous GOP forever

      Your right about them being the same, the “GOP” are the “Dems”, nothing
      like controlling an “incompetent” oppostion, keeps the real oppostion out.

      worked great til now

  • DonaldDouglas

    I got you linked up, Blazing! 🙂

  • Pavelina

    Really? Then, what are primaries for?