French police arrest four Muslims suspected of planning imminent terrorist attacks in Paris

Three men and one women suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Paris were arrested in the French capital on Wednesday. The local media reports the attack was planned for central Paris.

All the suspects had links to radical Islam.

  • John

    This is the kind of shit we’ll all have to put up with for the rest of our lives. A never ending game of cat and mouse between hapless authorities and violent Muslims, with the latter sometimes winning.

    • Yep. You said it. Frustration till our dying day, watching Western governments do virtually nothing at the level of the cause (Islam), content to deal with superficial effects (individual terrorists).

  • Gary

    What the gutless media and Politicians are refusing to admit to is that each time there is a terror cell like this there HAS to be a protective ring of Muslim enablers around them to stay quiet and lets Allah’s will for terrorist go to fruition .

    Almost every time after a Terrorist attack where the muslim dies we hear the Imam from the killer Mosque claim that he doesn’t know this person and can’t remember seeing the killer among the people during Friday prayers.

    The recent Knife attack by a somali background devout muslim is just one more Jihad attack in a string of them in Canada since 2014 , yet the Media fights to find some reason other than the Quranic orders by muhammad to do Jihad against the unbelievers .
    Then we have a fabricated Islamophopbia hate-crimes . Note how it is just after the Terrorism acts by Muslims that we hear of the Mosque be vandalized where the Police feel free to assign Blame to a racist bigot Canadian with NO witnesses and NO evidence. But when a Muslim is actually arrested for jihad terrorism and boasts of the terrorism plot for allah……..the Police are quick to say that they don’t have a motive and we must wait to see if this is a mental illness issue .

    The RapeFugees are coming no matter how much our useful-idiot PM imagines it won’t happen here because His father made Canada great and the World loves us .
    We fell for the scam to take in these poor refugees that were oppressed and now they are the oppressors trying to kill us as a favour to their god .
    It won’t be long before the Police Chief ( uncle tom to the terrorist) will be telling young women to not go out at night alone or dress in a way to cause a reap by muslim males .
    He will get away with it because the Western feminists and gays are on side with any Anti-West jew-haters as co-useful-idiots like Justin and Wynne .

  • ontario john

    I hope the police warned the public not to get involved in that Islamophobia nonsense.

  • Alain

    As though that will really make a difference…..