Blood Of The Martyrs

LONG AGO, a zealous interrogator and his death-squad are riding to their next big destination: a large city, reportedly ripe with the new extremists. Oh, yes, the scum will suffer!

Out of nowhere, the interrogator is blasted by a blinding light; his horse rears, and he’s thrown down to the dusty road.

A booming voice outside and yet inside his head, too: “Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?”

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  • A lot of Muslims are converting to Christianity due to the “genocide” of Christians. We are witnessing the modern-day manifestation of the old axiom: “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church”.

    There was a time, in my youth, when I was quite willing and able to shed my blood for the cause of my faith. Now I’ve grown older and softer — if faced with such a challenge today I admit that I would have to take drastic measures to whip myself into spiritual, mental and physical shape in order to address the challenge. That’s why I don’t often comment when confronted with the reality in your articles — the reports of Christian martyrdom prick my conscience and remind me that I’m not up to snuff as a Christian.

    I suppose a similar sort of “guilt” phenomenon occurs with Muslims who have “backslidden” as well — they go on suicide-bombing “martyrdom” missions in order to do “penitence”. However, the methods and motives are the exact opposite of Christianity — Christians voluntarily sacrifice their own lives as Christ sacrificed his life on the cross, motivated by love without violence toward others. Muslims in fact sacrifice the lives of everybody else through violent imposition, motivated by hate. Mohammed is more a symbol of a demonic anti-Christ than a martyr for altruistic spiritual values. That’s why the secular Left feels more of an attraction to Islam than to Christianity — Islam is a materialistic supremacist political ideology with little or no spiritual value, much less any practical application in the real world in terms of virtues such as God’s love.