Paris to Tourists: Forget the Bataclan

paris soldiers

“Americans seem less deterred, maybe because they are more used to the threat [of an attack],” she added.

“Attack?” said the Americans, “What attack?”

  • Wanna know who is really desperate for Parisian Tourists? The Qatari Royal family. They own most of what used to be called “Paris”.

    When the Mayor of Paris flipped out that the secret of Parisian no go zones slipped out and she threatened to sue everyone, she was dancing to the tune set by the Qatari Royal Family.

    Special Report – In France, a tax-free property empire

    The Champs-Elysees lures millions of tourists every year to enjoy shopping at the Elysees 26 mall, poker at the Aviation Club, plush cars and futuristic architecture in the Citroen showroom, or feather-clad showgirls at the Lido cabaret.

    But for all their Parisian charisma, none of these attractions are French-owned. They belong to the royal family of Qatar, a resource-rich emirate about 3,000 miles (5,000 km) away.

  • Paris is on schedule to become the “Beirut of Western Europe”.

    You cannot have a growing population of Muslims and avoid this reality.

  • Clausewitz

    The wife has us scheduled for a European vacation this August. Paris, south of France, Pyrenees’, Barcelona, then a weeks cruise from Spain to Gibraltar, then Marseille, then Italy. She caught me googling light weight Kevlar the other night and was not amused.