Why Washington’s Political Class Is Losing Control

“A growing number of Americans are more motivated by this feeling of frustration than any individual political ideology. The rise of career politicians has completely shifted the political paradigm from just liberal versus conservative. There is now a disconnect between the Washington political class and everybody else—the insiders versus the outsiders.”


Want to get rid of PM useful Idiot?

Here’s a start for Canada: Term limits. Smash the predatory public service unions. Defund the CBC.


  • The ruling class will inevitably favor the socialist opposition over the libertarian. The leaders of the socialists are the same as they are, with the same goals- personal comfort and power at the expense of the productive class.

    • Democracy has a shelf life. We are being slowly strangled by our political class.

  • Term limits – two terms and you are out. This will go a long way in fixing the problem.

    Trump, if you win, push for term limits.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Term limits are a joke. Have you not seen Obama’s last term and the disaster it is? When you no longer have to answer to anybody, you’re able to do whatever you like.

    • Blacksmith

      I would say term limits could work, two terms in any office with a maximum of 20 years in any and all levels of public office. Professional politician was never the intent of the founders of US IMO

  • Ann

    Now that you mention the political class, selling out citizens, Trudeau is quick to deny terrorism, but for some reason, he changed his tune about last night’s stabbing. Here is his tweet on the stabbing at the Armed Forces recruitment centre that injured two armed forces personnel:

    “Justin Trudeau ‏@JustinTrudeau 12m12 minutes ago

    Canadians – and the @CanadianForces – will not be intimidated by terror & hate. May the CAF members injured yesterday make a full recovery.”

    Apart from the fact it took him this long to comment, he has basically said it was a terrorist attack. But note this come after, his principal secy Gerald Butts rt a stabbing meme while the police were investigating the stabbings

    “Dan ‏@JDanAiken 13h13 hours ago

    Stabbing attack on @CanadianForces and this is what the PMO does while twiddling their thumbs? #cdnpoli”

  • Blacksmith

    Do exactly the same down here but it is called PBS.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Term limits. Smash the predatory public service unions. Defund the CBC.”
    Yeah, that will happen when dogs get wings.

  • lolwut?

    Ban selfies