The Cost Of Islam: 600 Mounties Fighting Terrorism Still Not Enough To Counter The Religion Of Peace

Number of Mounties on counter-terrorism duty ‘insufficient,’ RCMP report warns

The hundreds of Mounties redeployed to counter terrorism since late 2014 are now “insufficient” to meet the crush of cases, says the RCMP.

A week before the unveiling of a new federal budget, the federal police force says the move of 600 organized-crime, financial-crime and drug investigators to terrorism probes is stretching the organization thin.

“The operational tempo over the medium to long term is not sustainable and will require redress over the next few years,” it says in a plans and priorities report for the coming fiscal year.

This might explain the RCMP’s pioneering de-radicalization effort of “Free Range Jihadis”, you know the one’s who said sorry and are allowed to walk freely among us.

600 Mounties on “counter-terrorism” That’s 49 Million a year at the 36 month level “constable” salary rate. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, benefits, pensions, operational and administrative costs. That’s a lot of of moola devoted to containing the shared values of PM Useful Idiot.

Constable rank
Entry: $50,674
6 months service: $65,840
12 months service: $71,435
24 months service: $77,032
36 months service: $82,108

  • Islam is simple numbers gone bad.

    With every group of Muslim immigrants, a small percentage believe Islamic calls for violence. Only a fool would ignore this reality.

    Look at Western Europe, and see Canada’s fate.

    Leftist loons earn their name.

    • Islam preaches tolerance only when their numbers necessitate it. Once the tipping point is reached they follow Islam’s teachings to the core.

      • Exile1981

        usually at the 5 or 10% mark

  • robins111

    You’re assuming that all 600 are watching pisslamists, I would hazard a guess that half of them are watching sites like this or Canadian Gun Nutz.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    One way to better manage resources would be to remove all security for Turdeau, his family, the GG and MPs. Let them live with the muzzie threat like the rest of us