Overnight Thread…

  • lolwut?

    Bernie Supporter Fired From Her Job After Calling For Trump’s Assassination on Twitter


    • Kiralcole

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  • tom_billesley

    Lion King branded as fascist anti-migration propaganda by Aftonbladet hack.

    Scar as a “weak” leftist has to “short circuit the natural order with lies and deceit”.

    The over-reaching plot too is a typical fascist “blood and soil” laden with fascist sexual imagery, he [Walden] argues, with lion-cub ‘Simba’ playing the role of the people’s hero. After the ascent to power of the left-wing Scar, who welcomes into the previous harmonious animal kingdom an invasion force of “degenerate” foreigners — Hyenas — the honest taxpayers of the land are forced to work harder to pay for their new guests.

    In Walden’s words: “Hyenas, invariably useless, called early in the film “Dirty spongers” park themselves in sleepy groups around the Lion Rock. The original rulers are now forced to work twice as hard to provide both themselves and the work-shy migrants with food”.

  • ontario john

    In this morning’s edition of “Nothing to do with Islam”, a bomb has exploded in a car in Berlin. I’m sure it has nothing to do with muslims. And still no one saying what the attacker was yelling when he stabbed two Canadian soldiers. But I would wager it wasn’t “Praise Jesus”. I’m sure Trudeau and other LIberal cabinet ministers will be rushing to the hospital today, to support the wounded soldiers. Or will they??

    • canminuteman

      I read a story today on the CBC web site about what an extra violent year it has been so far in Ottawa with six murders so far. They listed the six victims. five of the six had arab names and its likely that six of the six had arab attackers. No one thought it worth noticing the particular multicultural nature of the problem they are having.

  • AlanUK

    Returning to the music:
    A great pick
    The pick of the guitarists*
    The puns may be dreadful – the music speaks for itself!
    *Chet Atkins and an unbelievably young-looking Mark Knopfler

    • Waffle

      It’s all your fault. You turned me onto Knopfler the other day. Haven’t stopped listening since. Love “Beryl”. 😉

      • Justin St.Denis

        You will love playing catch-up in that event. I ALMOST envy you coming so late to such an extensive and amazing catalogue of music, but I would not give up the decades of pleasure MK has given me for anything…..

      • AlanUK

        I accept full responsibility! Actually, I am in the same position. I missed Dire Straits the first time around.
        My son used to work for Fender and we got into a discussion on the “best” guitarist and I started to listen to various “best”. Initially, I thought it was Brian May, PhD in Astronomy and ex Queen. He’s good – really good (try his “Back to the Light” concert at Brixton Academy, 1993) but I soon found Mark Knopfler and for the last year I have been revelling in his music. To me, he is the best – maybe not technically but as a combined guitarist, composer and singer he is without equal (IMHO).
        Don’t stop with “Beryl”. There’s lots more on Youtube – studio recordings and (much better) live concerts.
        Catch up. Go past me. There’s lots out there to enjoy!

        • Waffle

          I agree — his Irish and Scottish-inspired stuff is haunting and addictive.

      • Clink9

        LOVE Brothers in Arms.

    • Justin St.Denis

      God was having a particularly good day on the day Mark Knopfler was conceived. Why else would He have packed talent for an army into one rather small, slight man?

      There is, and has only ever been, one Mark Knopfler, and I will listen to his music until the day I bite the dust.