Mob studies is the hot new degree?

From Mike Adams:

During the last BOG meeting there was a complete breakdown of order. Four students were arrested in the midst of shouting and charging toward board members intent on making budget cuts that would have ultimately helped make the protesting students’ education more affordable. But reason would not prevail. They had to be forcibly removed from the room and taken into police custody.

The scene became surreal when a student actually grabbed the gavel of the chairman of the BOG and began beating on his desk while shouting uncontrollably. But of course it wasn’t their fault that they were evicted. It was the fault of the BOG – you know, the guys who were trying to keep down their education costs by making necessary budget cuts. Here’s how the protestors saw the situation:

“See what you’re allowing to happen? That’s some scary sh*t! You should all be scared! Look what you’re doing to us!”

I guess that’s what a degree in victim studies will get you. No matter how badly you behave it can all be traced back to white male Republican oppression. But the protestors did have a valid point. It really is some scary, shall we say, fecal matter.

But it really is no laughing matter. One of the leaders of the protest, student Madeline Scanlon, was charged with assault inflicting serious injury on a law enforcement officer.More.

Reality check: Good thing Scanlon was not charged with assaulting someone’s mom. That might be next. Bluntly, I wouldn’t recommend trying to save most traditional U’s. They are not producing a product of value proportionate to their numbers and expense (“studies” courses are frequently cited, because they are a readily recognized symptom.)

The future probably lies in a more intensive version of the MOOCs (massive online open courses). Of course a MOOC degree would cost something, but one would not be paying for the rock climbing wall or the faculty dining room. And the “free speech zone” would be—in our own case—Canada!

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  • Alain

    This is the fruit, but not all of it, of the elimination of the rule of law. I would say it is a sign of the birth of a banana republic, except that the dictator of such a place would not tolerate it. It is pure anarchy.

  • ismiselemeas

    Professional exam centres will overtake tertiary learning institutes. Learn all you want in your own time, pay to sit the exams to get qualified.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who cares? DON’T make it more affordable, raise the costs. Enshrine it as ‘sticking it to the man’ even if that’s themselves.