Diversity u̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ Attack: Stabby Muslim Who Attacked Soldiers is Ayanie Hassan Ali – ‘Allah told me to do this”

Stabby Muslim Ayanie Hassan Ali ‘Allah told me to do this” – “Allah told me to come here and Kill people” – He’s born in Montreal and obviously well integrated. My call – Not criminally responsible by reason of Islamity.

Chief Saunders says to watch that Islamophobia, meanwhile the RCMP says 600 Mounties aren’t enough to counter the rampant Islamophobia in Canada.


This is a checklist of talking points the media and authorities will use in the usual whitewash.

  1.  Ralph Goodale was first out of the gate with this gem – “It’s an isolated incident”  see The Religion of Peace for the latest attack stats.
  2.  Chief Saunders  doesn’t want any of that “Islamophobia nonsense”. Got that? Because as always this has nothing to do with Islam.*
  3.  He was radicalized and misunderstood Islam identically to the last 20 Gazillion Muslim terrorists
  4.  No one will know him “well” in the ummah and he will rarely if ever have attended a mosque
  5.  If anyone claims to know him they will describe the attack as out of character and completely unexpected
  6.  You’re a racist just for reading this list.

*So according to Chief Saunders making a link between the stabber screaming “Allah told me to do this. Allah told me to come here and kill people,” and Islam is “Islamophobic”.

The attacker has been identified as Ayanie Hassan Ali, 27, a Montreal-born Canadian, who has lived in Toronto for the past five years.

As he attacked on Monday afternoon with a large knife, Ali, who has no criminal record, called out, “Allah told me to do this. Allah told me to come here and kill people,” Police Chief Mark Saunders said.

“It was heard by others,” Saunders said on Tuesday at a news conference, but he cautioned, “Don’t go to that Islamophobic nonsense.