Danish PM vows to take on radical imams


Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said on Tuesday that he will convene MPs from across the political spectrum to discuss Islamic extremism following a string of controversial comments from religious leaders.

They are preaching core Islam.

  • Martin B

    You have to take what you can get. Lars is way ahead of Shiny Pony, who you can be absolutely certain will never take on ANY imam.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Simple solution: ban Islam, seize mosques, deport all Muslims that refuse to assimilate.

  • Gary

    Look at how these rabid savages put children at the front of their protests as shields. Sick F’n bastards that thin they are the Master-Faith blessed by allah to rule the Earth .
    The Tamils and Muslims do this in Toronto because of the White Mayor’s like David Miller and John Tory that don’t see non-whites a fully human yet .

    • Alain

      Another similarity they share with the Left.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Islam is Islam. Unless that basic fact is recognized nothing positive can happen. The search for ‘moderate’ muzzies to somehow deal with reminds me of the search for Sasquatch. Lack of evidence after endless searching just doesn’t seem to register with the true believers. They’ll believe no matter what.

    • Gary

      I was in a cafe recently and two Social workers on a break were talking about the Syrian coming into Canada .
      I had to shake my head as I heard these women claim that the muslims aren’t being treated fairly in Germany or Sweden because of the allegation of sexual assaults and rape that people blame on muslims.
      Then they said that muslims are moderate and it’s too bad a few of the violent ones make most muslims look bad. To make it worse they assured each other that Canada was bringing in the peaceful muslims that won’t be a problem and we won’t have the allegations of violence and rapes .

      WOW……so all those women in Sweden and Germany made-up the stories to make muslims males look bad.
      How quickly the feminists inside canada toss their Sisters under the bus just as GLADD stays quiet on ISIS tossing gays from roof tops or how hamas in Gaza kills gays but the rainbow groups are aligned with islamists on campus.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        The level of denial involved is truly mind-boggling.