Brainwashing instructions: Zootopia movie

From PJ Parenting:

The real story of the film is about a political plot to portray predator animals as inherently vicious and untrustworthy so that fear will keep a cabal of prey animals in power.

The message isn’t entirely without merit. Bigotry is certainly a negative force which should be opposed. However, no distinction is made in the film between bigotry and the recognition of legitimate differences. The moral of the story is that “anyone can be anything.” It’s meant in both the occupational and metaphysical sense. The film literally rejects biology, promoting the notion that how people identify should define how they are regarded in spite of what they actually are. At one point, a young canine’s desire to grow up and become an elephant is treated as healthy and valid. The allusion to real-world trans issues is obvious. More.

Reality check: Just what we need to raise kids’ awareness of the ecology of nature: A message that any(one) can be any(thing). Wolves can learn to drink ginseng with caribou. The emerald ash borer can become a Wall Street broker. Give it time, and lots and lots of legislation…

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  • Alain

    Sounds like a Disney movie.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Disney do have a lot to answer for.