RCMP fight to keep lid on high-tech investigation tool

Police in Canada are fighting to keep secret the specifics of advanced technology they’ve used to spy on mobile phones in a criminal investigation into organized crime.

Court documents filed in the Quebec Court of Appeal show government lawyers have acknowledged that the RCMP used an extraordinary communications-interception technique involving “mobile device identifier” equipment.

But the Crown will be fighting to keep details of the operation under wraps during a court hearing scheduled for March 30 in Montreal.

Chris Parsons, a researcher with the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School, said this case “wouldn’t be the first time [these devices] have been used – but it would be the first time [authorities] have been caught out in court.”


Nothing we do is private. I wonder what our files have to say.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I worked in a similar field in the Military for 22 years, Canada is and has always been a world leader when it comes to electronic surveillance.

  • Exile1981
  • Minicapt



  • Alain

    Is that how they knew which houses to break into in High River?

  • Gary

    Several years back I knew of the special software built by the Phone makers that can call your phone via a back door to by-pass the ring tone. This gave the FBI and NSA that ability to call your phone and activate the Mic to hear who ever is near the phone.
    Your computer now has a MIc on the mother board to listen to what you say if someone can get into your PC link.
    As for the phone , I take the battery out when I want privacy but keep in mind that the new smart TV has a mic and camera where someone can be watching and listening to you .