Purdue pro-life group wimps out, abandons unborn

From Mike Adams:

Members of Purdue Students for Life faced a torrent of criticism earlier this semester when they chalked the words “All Lives Matter” on university sidewalks. The group also created flyers using the slogan “Hands up, don’t abort,” based on the language of protestors in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Their use of this language was viewed as courageous by pro-lifers and controversial by leftists. In point of fact, it was neither.

There is nothing either courageous or controversial in the assertion that all human life has value. Nor is there anything courageous or controversial in the assertion that we should refrain from killing defenseless human beings. Outrage in response to this routine exercise of free speech was manufactured in order to encourage self-censorship.

redictably, a white liberal university staffer led the faux outrage crusade. Jamie Newman who worked for Purdue at the time of the incident called the Purdue Students for Life “Vile, racist idiots.” Those who followed the controversy know he did not stop there.

Newman later posted comments on the Live Action News website which appeared to threaten the rape of female relatives of a pro-life commentator weighing in on the controversy. His online clarification that he did in fact offer to rape relatives of the commentator was a Godsend for the Purdue Students for Life. More.

But, in the face of a dream opportunity to reveal the true face of pro-death thuggery, the pro-life students just caved. Read the dismal story here.

And pro-life students are not even legitimate asshats either! They’d have to be against legal protection for unborn and liveborn unwanted children for that.

Reality check: Did these kids think saving human lives from the progressive onslaught meant one could still be group huggies with thugs?

Verdict: End all life support for that “pro-life” group.

See also: The truth vids were a big cultural win for Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood won because it is now clear that North Americans have t chosen to accept dismembering live babies to sell their organs. Will campus pro-life groups soon be apologizing for something they said about that?

  • Is it any wonder the west is in such decline?

    • Stop funding any such group! They just want money and jobs from churches instead of governments.

      • Dacid

        The landscape should be left to the culture of death?

        • The landscape will be left to the culture of death all the more swiftly if such groups are funded. People will think something is being done. But it ISN’T. In serious situations, there must be penalties for desertion. They deserve one.

        • This is a rank and disgusting desertion that also knuckles in the face of punitive threats of rape, instead of seeking safety for all women.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    ” Will campus pro-life groups soon be apologizing for something they said about that?”
    I would say that soon campus pro-life groups will be extinct.

    • Exile1981

      The University of Alberta is now charging 15k in “security” fees everytime the prolife or conservative groups hold anbevent on campus. They claim its because of the understandable rage opposition to those groups generate.

      I say its because they want to silence dissenting vouces and also they admit the left is prone to violence.

      • And those who vote for it will experience it. Along with many who didn’t vote for it, who deserve far more sympathy.