Progressive Outrage Machine targets Ottawa pro-life group

From Metro News:

Anti-abortion ads on OC Transpo buses prompt social media outrage

Controversial ads on city buses are once again generating social media furor after a photo was posted to Facebook of an ad on the back of an OC Transpo bus that reads “Abortion Stops A Beating Heart.”
The ad does not include any graphic images. Instead, it depicts a red and black heart with the words, “Pregnant? Need help?” accompanied by a number and website for the organization Action Life.

“I am so disgusted,” wrote Sabourin. “How can this post even be allowed on here?”
Local activist and blogger Kayla Spagnoli shared the image on Twitter and asked people to contact OC Transpo because she said she found the campaign insensitive to women. More.

Reality check: Almost no one except the Progressive Outrage Machine probably cares much.

After all, it’s true. Abortion stops a beating heart. And many want it that way. Including the Outrage Machine.

It is easier to understand the Trump candidacy in the United States when we keep this in mind: Most people don’t care about the causes that the big media shove at us, or else don’t take the same view. New media are making that clearer every day. But it takes a while for most to get up to speed on what that means.

But are Canadians up to digesting the implications of that fact, never mind deciding what the next steps are? Apart from: Stop reading, advertising in, or in any way supporting media that front this stuff as if it was what most people really care about. Let progressive government force us to pay taxes for it.

See also: Purdue pro-life group wimps out, abandons unborn. It’s worse. They didn’t just cater to thugs. They made rape threats cheap and easy. Pull all life support on “pro-life” groups that just want jobs with churches the same way the asshats just want jobs with government.

Also: Mizzou Loses 1,500 Students, Is Flat Broke After Caving To Campus Protests: = Love and serve your local asshats, and they’ll reward you plenty

  • When did advocating murder become acceptable?

    • When media became mouthpieces for progressivism! Indeed, the rights or wrongs of any murder, rape, or whatever quickly become undiscussable except in their terms. That is why we need a Canadian-culture friendly expression of something like the Trump rebellion. Dump all pundits, right and left, who do not understand that they do not think for Canadians. And we are not apologizing to them for that.

  • reidjr

    Last year when my self and others had a issue with all the gay parade posters in city buildings we were called every name in the book but this women gets all the media play because she is on the right side of the media.

  • ontario john

    Leftists have been, and always will be fascists at heart. They will use any tactics to shut down any opinion they disagree with. And since we have given control of the media and politics to these little Nazis, only issues important to them are allowed coverage. What is the media focus today for example. The media is upset about some homosexual sailor who states the navy was mean to him. And Trudeau sends a card to some homosexual who recently received a homophobic card. Yet Trudeau does nothing for Canadians held captive by his buddies in China or the musllim world.

    • How many Canadians who suffer under this progressive poster child system voted for it? Let’s be fair. Those who don’t count any more had and still have the vote. Will they vote for it again? Ifso, how much sympathy should one extend? Either you want to live or not.

  • The only people who don’t want to tell the truth about abortion are pro-abortionists.