Is Hillary Trying To Throw The Election?

Hillary Clinton known liar

Dumber than dirt

No, of course not. She’s just that damn clueless as to how the average American thinks. Talking this way is worth an additional 5%, in the opposite anticipated direction.

You could trot out Charles Manson himself and if all the world leaders chimed in and said we shouldn’t elect Charles Manson, his polling numbers would shoot up to 40% overnight, well… just because. Anyone more palatable than Manson would likely poll even better.

On second thought, if Justin Trudeau is reading this, feel free to start denouncing Trump right now. Think up all the worst things you can say about him, nothing will be too over-the-top. Just do an emotional stream of consciousness rant on National TV, with maybe some special hour-long interviews with all the American T.V. networks about how much of a racist-warmonger-cowboy Trump is. Maybe even have some town hall meetings by the CBC and invite every whacked-out transgendered America hating leftist you have in Ottawa to chime in on how stupid Americans are for even considering Trump. That will like totally change our minds. Like totally dude!

  • She’ll be handed the nomination by hook or by crook, Bernie is a sideshow.

    • simus1

      Then the real work will start.
      The physical drills, the electronic drills, the absentee drills.
      Day after day, for the days, weeks, months, ahead.
      Until it is as smooth as passing out walkin’ ’round money to the local pastor.
      Those ballot boxes still don’t stuff themselves.
      But that day will come.

      • Just wait till electronic voting puts all those democrats out of work!

        That’ll show em!

        • David Murrell

          It looks like it will be Trump vs. Hillary for the presidential election. One will think it will be quite a show, with virtually every establishment institution bashing Trump. Is still think it will be a President-elect Hillary Clinton, but there could be a surprise or two ahead. But it will be a populism vs. establishmentarianism fight — with the latter winning to be sure.

          • Xavier

            Then comes The Reckoning.

        • Kell

          ROFLMFAO X2!

          Thanks, I TRULY needed a good laugh today…”work”…LOL

    • David Murrell

      …by crook, no doubt.

    • The Butterfly

      I hope Bernie loses and runs as an independent.

    • Xavier

      Unless she’s indicted! [snicker]

    • Kell

      So is Trump, I believe, anyway!
      Just in it to muddy crap up them bomb at the end to make all those suckers who fell for his bs, well, suckers and to show the world how effing stupid the American (I keep forgetting most here are Canadian, sorry) conservative party truly are to even hesitate to believe Trump’s a republican or remotely conservative! I say this to some of my friends and they laugh at me…sad, really!
      Despite his flaws, I’m still voting for Cruz!
      Cruz or no-one!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hillary lives in a bubble surrounded by sycophants.

  • David Murrell

    I tried to read the CNN web site, as to latest primary news, and all it had was gibberish. The FOX News web site is much better. It has Trump climbing in the polls, where he will sweep every state except Ohio, where he is neck and neck with Kasich. Hillary will sweep every state, but is slightly behind Sanders in Obama’s corrupt state of Illinois.

    Mario Rubio, given his inanities, is losing badly in his home state of Florida. What a loser.

    I hear something just now from Fox News that Pete Rose has endorsed Donald Trump. Is that good news?

    • Clink9

      That will be nice to see little Marco spanked tomorrow in his home state.

      After all the hand wringing and diaper wetting blaming Trump for having asshole thugs ruin his Chicago rally.

    • pike bishop

      Apparently it is big in Ohio. I’ve read that there is a lot of affection for Pete Rose there.

      • David Murrell

        I never thought of Mr. Rose and the CInciniati link. Which brings me to an anecdote. I was visiting frends in Pittsburgh in 1983, and my younger sister got free baseball tickets, from her Ford company, to a Pirates-Reds game right along the third-base line. It was a nothing game, with neither team having a chance for the playoffs. Pete Rose, in the twilight of his career, was on second, and a Reds player hit a long single. Rose, in his best Charlie Hustle routine, rounded third base, and — well ahead of the throw — executed a completely unnecessary headfirst slide into home plate, with brown dust flying up and dirtying his uniform.

        We Pittsburgh Pirate fans gave him the raspberry-boos, for his showboating, and he laughed it all off. All I remember was that Pittsburgh lost, 5-2, and that showoff headfirst sllde. But Pete Rose was a tremendous entertainer who gave us fans a treat that day.

        • pike bishop

          He only bets on winners.

          • David Murrell

            Well, everybody makes mistakes on occasion (cough, cough, ahem). And we must forgive and forget. Probably Rose will not get into the Hall though.

  • Trump will trump.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hilldog has never seemed all in to me. She has health problems and looks ever more low-energy than Bush.

    My nightmare scenario: a hispanic veep (like the San Antonio twins whose mother is in La Raza) and Hill croaks in office. Of course she has already declared open borders so it won’t matter that much.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    ” … invite every whacked-out transgendered America hating leftist you have in Ottawa”
    I think that’s about all they *have* in Oddawa. Gonna be a big, big crowd. 😉