“Chicago chaos only helps Trump”

From Daily Caller:

While the consensus may be that Trump is ultimately responsible for this tumult, what’s lost in the coverage of his rally chaos is how the protest movements aligning against the possible Republican nominee are part of what’s driving millions of Americans to support him.

Over the last few years, Americans have witnessed riots occur over media-driven lies about alleged police brutality and racism. We’ve seen campus activists intimidate and silence dissent at universities throughout the country. We’ve seen campaigns launched to get people with politically incorrect views fired from their jobs.

Trump’s attacks on political correctness and refusal to apologize for controversial statements makes him someone people want to vote for. A large number of Americans are tired of fringe movements holding sway over the public discourse and creating disorder. When there’s chaos, people will turn to the leader who promises to restore order. Right now, that’s Trump’s primary pitch.


Reality check: But why shouldn’t it help Trump? The United State would be finished already if the shook down were not sick of the shakedown.

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  • I believe it will, the media insists on blaming Trump for violence perpetrated by the left. Even they can’t lie that big, no one will believe anything they say about Trump.

    • Kell

      …would be even funnier if he WERE financing them, huh? an outside the box kinda’ thing!

  • Jose M Ruiz

    True it is ridiculous to blame trump for the behaviour of others that follow bernie. However you know as well as I that the left isn’t responsible for anything except rainbows and loly pops

    • Clink9

      And unicorns.

      • andycanuck

        And being on a Ferris wheel of stupidity.

    • I stand corrected;)

  • The political left, and its media hacks created Trump.

    There is only so much PC BS a society can take.

    It looks like we have reached that point.

    Thank you Donald Trump.

    • Pity Canada did not wake up to the Trudeau media blowjob.

      • kkruger71

        Canada has not devolved into mob rule as much as the States, yet. Yes, we had Idle No More (who ironically sat around in tents all day) and the G20 riots, but we have yet to see something on the scale of BLM. Unfortunately we may never see it as there seems to be even less willingness to stand up to protesters here, and they are handed what they want without having to literally riot in the streets very much. I think the general public needs to see images of mobs setting fire to cars, physically attacking people, etc, and then being given what they want to recognize how much the unelected mob controls public policy at this point.

        • Kaye92

          The difference between Canadians and Americans? America was born in revolution, in passion, in the firm statement of the people’s will. Whereas, Canada was birthed in … boredom, as much as anything, because Great Britain decided that they had had enough of running the country. And it just kind of happened.

          I’m being a bit flippant and I know that this is an over-simplification but I also think that there’s something to this, if one looks at the development of our two countries:

          (Stereotypical) Americans: outspoken, proud, free speechers;
          (Stereotypical) Canadians: passive, polite, quiet, don’t-rock-the-boaters.

          • mauser 98

            the old saying
            in Canada a bank on every corner.. a bar on every corner in the US

          • Kell

            maybe that’s why grams, from Scotland, used to tell me all throughout my childhood, “Kell, your about as subtle as a G’damn train wreck!”,(you have to imagine the accent to get the full affect) huh? Born and raised in the states by Irish and Scot parents and am not even a little bit shy about saying what I believe!

  • Xavier

    This will lead to widespread understanding that the left is much more prone to violence than the right, which is 180 degrees from the propaganda pumped out by the media.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • mauser 98

    …Barry third term
    Democrats’ best choice for 2016 is the guy already in the White House


  • Kram

    What “consensus”? CNN, ABC, MSNBC ad nauseum? They are creating a convention faux consensus. Remember in 2008, Obama himself told his fans, “get in their faces”