Time to consider recall legislation in Ontario

On May 9, a small group known as “Liberate Queen’s Park” plans to hold a rally at the provincial legislature calling for the creation of recall legislation, similar to what already exists in California and British Columbia.

To us, the preferred form of recall is the one we have every four years — fewer in a minority government — called an election.

Much as we abhor the policies of Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals, they aren’t in power because they launched a sneak attack on democracy.


I am not sure recall legislation would work for anyone but the Liberal Party in Ontario.

They are kept in power by the political class of predatory public service unions, the crony capitalists and assorted rent-seekers.

It is a formidable and well organized kleptocracy.

  • H

    Recall legislation might be ineffective, but it’d surely be worth a try (if it could ever be put in place). Since Ontario is such a disaster area on so many different levels, anything that changes the dynamics, even a little, is worth a shot.

    • I am for it, I am just not sure it could accomplish much.

  • DMB

    Ontario had balanced budget legislation under the Mike Harris government. When Dalton McGuinty became premier he abolished it. We need to change the political culture and restrict the power of politicians particularly their ability to spend tax dollars. What conservative politicians in leadership roles should have done was constitutionally incorporate balanced budget legislation or restrict the governments ability to spend our money by legal means by criminalizing excessive spending. Also have police forces where the politicians have no influence or control over monitor the politicians spending habits. For example the Liberal government of Ontario controls the OPP but if they had no say or control over them they would have likely by now have criminally prosecute the Liberal government.

    • The culture is a majority of public service unions plus rent seekers plus immigrants plus less a submissive population.

  • ontario john

    And the official Liberal Party print organ, the Toronto Star, stated that Wynne will be spending millions of dollars next month in advertising, to try and convince us that taxing our heat and gas is a wonderful idea. So she is spending tax money to raise more tax money.

  • LauraS

    Recall legislation won’t accomplish anything–leftists would just use it to delegitimize any conservative/right-of-centre election wins.

    The next Conservative party to form a majority government should take a page from the corrupt Liberal playbook–campaign on vague terms then implement a radical vision for the province once you are elected.

    I’d love to see a conservative government push through radical measures that benefit taxpayers in the first six months of their mandate–defund/privatize most government/quasi-government organizations, fire tens of thousands of civil servants, introduce balanced budget legislation, cancel welfare for able-bodied Ontarians, eliminate arts grants/funds, etc., etc. Get back to a bare bones government that only provides/funds essentials. Use the notwithstanding clause to give a big F-U to lawfare types who don’t like the agenda.

    How great would that be? Don’t see anyone with the ball to do it, though.

  • ontario john

    So while Trudeau and Wynne are watching men wave their wangers this summer at the homosexual parade. the rest of us will be sinking into poverty. Welcome to Sunny Ways Ontario.

  • infedel

    …”predatory public service unions”…a major problem in the West…unelected bureaucrats.

  • Waffle

    Grasping at straws. Wait when the debt bubble bursts. Coming soon. Prepare yourself — buy gold, silver and a good mattress.

  • Digger Dan

    Witnessing the corruption in the province of Ontario by the politicians the lawyers and the judges is beyond demoralizing. I apologize to all the grandchildren coming who will have to deal with this too because my generation was unwilling or incapable of doing anything real about it. http://sovereigntytour.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Law-What-Law.jpg