Preferring the Pirate

A Trump administration may well see needed reforms left undone and unneeded populist measures promoted. As this most unlikely of candidates draws closer to the GOP’s nomination, one thing is certain: Whatever the mogul’s flaws, and they are many, he is less dangerous than Hillary

Being a great aficionado of Patrick O’Brien’s tales of the Georgian Royal Navy, I beg the reader’s indulgence of my using a metaphor from that era. Imagine the American Right to be in the position of a Royal Navy captain of the Napoleonic Wars era, who has found himself trapped in a narrow strait of water blocked at one end by a strong French fleet, and at the other by a large ship which he recognizes as belonging to an infamous and eccentric buccaneer. Escape might still be possible by skirting past the pirate, but is growing more improbable by the moment. The crew, so loyal and steadfast in the past, is becoming spooked. Some are even jumping overboard and swimming toward the pirate vessel, hoping to join him, and the corpulent purser has absconded with a ship’s boat, rowing in the pirate’s direction.

  • Katyn

    What the hell, I always wanted to be a pirate.

  • Xavier

    The more I consider it, the more I like this analogy. It smears not only Hillary by comparing her to the French, but also the French by comparing them to Hillary. Trump IS a modern day pirate, literally. Both are less than desirable fates, but one is possibly less dangerous. Possibly.

    Misters Romney and Ryan are going to lead a mutiny and try to scuttle the ship, although there’s a danger their actions will deliver it into the hands of the French. They don’t care; they crave the power of command even if it is aboard a sinking ship about to be boarded by the enemy.

    Just one thing: “(You don’t imagine he’s actually going to enact his stated platform, do you?)”

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