My dog had a peaceful death, so…

Why can’t I?, asks the CARP promotion I received this morning for a Vision TV special, shilling for euthanasia:

My Life – My Choice: Dying with Dignity is the result of John and Kathy’s unexpected and emotional journey to document her final weeks and the aftermath of her brave and lucid decision through intimate conversations with family and friends, interviews with physicians and chronic pain experts.

Kathy’s preference would have been to die a graceful death at home in Toronto surrounded by loved ones. Her hope was that My Life – My Choice: Dying with Dignity would serve to create awareness about chronic pain and stimulate greater conversation around end of life care and end of life choice. More.

She got herself euthanized in Switzerland. Soon, seniors will be euthanized in the local day surgery unit right here. Gradually, restrictions will loosen, including those on “sound mind.”

Reality check: The dog only lived or died at the behest of humans, and only ever mattered to the extent that he mattered to some of them.

Historically we haven’t killed each other whether anyone wanted us to or not because so many more people are wanted dead than want to die. that the outcome of euthanasia will soon be out of control, as it is in Belgium and Holland now.

They know it’s out of control but they can’t do anything. Stopping it would amount to admitting that boffins had stood by and watched all those people be offed at a vulnerable moment. It is safer to go on offing them. Then some will want to solve any lingering optics problems by persecuting anyone who objects.

Forcing Christian hospitals to be involved is a good first step as they will either voluntarily cease to be Christian hospitals or so contaminate their witness that their claim to be Christian hospitals is an offense to truth.  The latter does much more damage to the Christian view of life, but watch for Christian hospital administrators to advocate it.

It’s pretty much like abortion except that the fetuses will now be vulnerable born people. It took a while to get here but we are here.

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  • Let’s just get rid of Mom…

    • Clausewitz

      Throw her from a train. There might be a movie in it somewhere.

  • Waffle

    This is shaping up to be an extremely depressing Sunday morning.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Our governments see the need to make more room for the refugees.

    Maybe they will help the program by giving improved government benefits to the Canadian poor who are willing to sign agreements that say if they become too ill or disabled, they agree now to euthanasia?

    That would be very progressive of our Liberal goverment!

  • Because it’s a dog.

    And I love dogs.

    Let’s put it this way: how many medical advancements have there been in euthanasia-permissive countries like Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands? Wouldn’t it be better to find cures and treatments as opposed to using poisons and pillows?

    • Clausewitz

      Sadly “Do no harm” has morphed into, “Fuck it, you’re old”.

      • Alain

        Not only the old but all the undesirables for whatever reason and at whatever age, and it began with state sponsored and funded abortions.

      • Yep.

        And it will bite everyone in the @$$.

  • seaoh

    Socialists and corpratists will Always support euthanasia because they value profit more than people, as soon as a someone is a negative on thier balance sheet they will kill them. Liberals support this because they either have no love or they are cowards Death with dignity is dying with your boots on, guns blazing fighting for every last breath, not being put to sleep like an animal at an overcrowded shelter..

    • disqusW6sf

      Best definition of death with dignity.

  • G

    I’m sure you and your dog discussed his choice at great length.

    This is what you get when you allow progressive, elitist, dictatorial judges to rule from the bench. Whatever policies they PERSONALLY favor, they will find a way of forcing into law.

  • malca

    Here’s an article on “terminal sedation” at hospitals in NY

  • malca