Canada may develop into a security threat for the United States of America

Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is building his legacy as the Western leader who promotes Islam as compatible with Western secular societies and opens the door for massive Muslim immigration. In my opinion, this agenda of Mr. Trudeau and his government might be exploited by radicals to destabilize both the US and Canada and that Canada may develop into a security threat for the US.

  • truthdareisay

    How is it that CSIS does NOT see the dangers in his ridiculous policies? And if CSIS does not see it, what good are they if they just wait around until something does happen? This Prime Minister should be thrown out of government pronto!

    • I suspect CSIS doesn’t really have a handle on what goes on beyond what they glean from various community “outreach” efforts, they appear as politicized and PC as any other government agency and are likely very happy a Trudeau government will make life easy for them.

    • Waffle

      Don’t kid yourself. They do see it. They just prefer to look the other way. Better to risk a few lives than to be labelled a racist. Heaven forbid!

    • Gork

      The same way that the FBI in the US is not allowed to profile Islamist extremist groups. If a solution is too difficult, there may be money made by prolonging the problem.

    • lolwut?

      The spokesperson for CSIS is a Muslim.

      Her name is “Tahera Mufti”

      Her last name is Islamic, meaning “an Islamic scholar who is an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        “The spokesperson for CSIS is a Muslim.”
        I can’t even find it in myself to be surprised. *sigh*

        • lolwut?

          Oh and guess who has a Internet and phone switch on the floor directly beneath CSIS’s Vancouver offices at Tower II in Metrotown.


          I found that out on a trip to their office back in the 90’s
          got off the on the wrong floor, doors were open and I did a little walk around, it was BCTel back then, there are large cables feeding up through the ceiling. CSIS owns the whole floor they are on.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The next US administration is going to make life miserable to Stupid.

    • David Murrell

      I disagree. President Designate Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau both want Canada to destabilize the United States.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        That’s assuming that she isn’t irrevocably tainted by her well documented law violations, which will come back to haunt her even if she weasels out of indictments.

      • WalterBannon

        Prisoner Designate Hillary Clinton is going to prison soon

        • Ron MacDonald

          She’ll skip the country.

  • Gary

    Hey, the CBC didn’t care when they used the hamas funding CAIR Canada to have Sheema Khan come on the TV shows and bash Canada which to some people was what incited the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists to have a plot that would slaughter at least 5000 people in Toronto near Front street .
    CAIR aided and abetted in Arar’s extortion case for unproven torture in his Homeland that we had to pay for and not Syria.
    CAIR’s own website posted many of Khan’s Globe&Mail op-ed’s where she defended almost every alleged or convicted muslim jihadist by claiming that they were victims of post 9/11 Anti-Muslims bigotry.
    She was tied to a banned Terrorist group ( Hamas) while I had also caught her linked to the Muslimfest in Mississauga in 2006 when CAIR told muslims that it was okay to donate their Zakat to the Hezballah war against Israel.
    Carolyn Parrish was the MP for that Federal Seat and didn’t give a damn that an islamic org was raising funds for terrorists outside of Canada.

    Now that CAIR was linked to funding Terrorism in around 2009 , how the hell could Khan and CAIR get away being the Witnesses for Maher Arar’s $400 million extortion lawfare case and why doesn’t the CBC follow up on this because the Leader of the NDP was at the pro-hams rally in Ottawa and was tied to CAIR .

    There has got to be some serious corruption somewhere in the system for all of the MP’s or even the CRA to not give a damn when muslims fund terrorists outside of Canada.
    The CBC has yet to report on the 3 week old evidence for Omar Khadr going back to contact his Al-Qaeda buddies and his family via the iPhone a Judge lets him use because Omar plans to go to University don’t you know .
    Omar’s lawyer ( useful-idiot Edney ) had told the CBC and STAR that Omar is the victim of his evil family that corrupted this young boy .
    Right Edney , own up , you got played for the sucker you are and now you’re hiding from the the same media you exploited to paint Omar as a cherub and one of the Peaceful muslims . I hope Edney is around when the bombs go off so we can rub his face in the blood and body parts of little children via Omar’s IED’s , which btw he can train the children among the 175,000 more pro-sharia muslim migrants Justin plans to bring in over 4 years.
    That’s right , 175,000 anti-west jew-hating homophobes in the guise fo refugees to be ready for the 2019 election . McCallum let it slip out when he spoke about geting the 25,000 in by March 1st and the next 25,000 by the end of the year . He added that there would be 50,000 more each year of their term. The media didn’t seems to catch that or just ignored it.

  • Jabberwokk

    A few rapes, a few deaths, a few honor killings, and Trudeau’s vision will become painfully apparent just as it has in Europe. Too bad Canadians ate to stupid to learn from the mistakes of other nations.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But even terrorists have human rights!

    As Justin says we need to look at things from their perspective.

  • DMB

    But how can that be with such a huggable prime minister we have!

    Check out @davidakin’s Tweet:

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Canada is a security threat to Canadians.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Ka-Ching! Problem is, Canadians choose not to recognize it. Which makes it kinda “Canuckistani suicides” and self-hating etc.

  • Though this is a problem because of PM Hair-Boy, consider that the deaths of nearly three thousand people on one day took nearly ten years to somewhat avenge whereas over seventy years ago the attack on one American military installation took nearly three years to avenge completely and with a regime change.

    The post-modern West has lost its will to not only fight but to live.

    Pax Canadiana was short-lived under Harper. Trudeau is Nero and he surely will be fiddling while Ottawa burns.

  • Kathy Nelson

    What’s this?
    Canada’s golden age is over

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Yes, we’re quite broke. But that’s okay because Hair Boy is going to borrow lots and lots so that will take care of everything.

  • k1962

    It’s going to aversely affect our own security. Imagine the stupidity of spending millions on watching these people and at the same time importing 100,000’s more. There is a major disconnect in the logic. I’m beginning to not feel safe in my own country. Why do this to us? I guess our politicians hate us.

  • Clausewitz


    • Alain

      Exactly! There is no “may” about it.

  • 338Lapua

    Two queers doing what queers do.

    Wait until they figure out that they are next to be thrown off a roof.