Bill Maher = dangerously self-pleased cluelessness

Exemplified in the vid below, which reeks of “We know better than you, stupid rubes and Trump fans.” Those qualities were always there, but suddenly people are beginning to realize, we don’t need to accept this definition of ourselves, our fate, or our opinion of that fate.

In a note to a friend, I said,

After getting blindsided last summer re the Trump candidacy, I started co-blogging with friends, including an American e-friend (the Political Animal series.)

Couple thoughts:

1. He (e-friend) points out that much we hear about Trump isn’t about him at all; it is about the death throes of the formerly mainstream media, choked by the internet.

Trump yanks their chain. He outrages them, they rage and rage, and people flock to Trump rallies anyway.

Why? Because hearing that the New York Times is appalled by Trump doesn’t carry the weight it used to.

Sensing this, I tended to discount news that the ghosts of Hitler (several claimants to position) were duking it out with the Klan over book rights. For all I know, that could be true too, but it doesn’t matter.

The people who claim to speak for middle America no longer do. That matters.

2. Whatever game Trump is playing, he is smart enough to see that. Bill Maher having someone on his show about whether Trump is a “deep con” doesn’t resonate the way it used to. People can choose to get their information more directly. And therefore to act in what they take to be their interests on that basis, right or wrong.

Reality check: If Trump is a con man, how come he doesn’t seem to be fooling anyone? It’s worse than that, actually. People would prefer to listen to him than to the establishment’s vetted dorks and dweebs, not so much because he is good but because they know from long, bitter experience, they will get no help whatever from the dorks and dweebs.

At least with Trump they have someone new to be disappointed in.

Magic spell-breaking question: Why is it a “sensationalist” idea to say that a nation state is a state that has control of its borders? Who made thet unique new rule that eliminates the nation state as a meaningful entity, by making it borderless, and why?

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  • Gary

    Wow, so a women puts out a book geared to the low IQ useful-idiots to help them spot the Con-man and she gets rich from it while having the nerve to bash Trump but stay silent on Obama.
    Obama has promised illegals up to $25,000.00 each plus free Heath Care as low income workers, he told the 10,000,000 illegals that he has the power to give them Citizenship and then had to tell them he doesn’t have the power .
    Obama bashed Bush over the Debt as un-American when it was at about 12 trillion and yet Obama will drive it up to $20 trillion because he cares.

    She reminds me of Naomi Klein with her book about big Corporation and Pollution while she uses a big Publishing Corporation for her books that were made from all the trees cut down for the paper along with her Jet trips around the Globe to promote the books or attend those serious Meetings on Global warming.

    Kinda like those fraudsters that get $600.00+ a ticker to see their same old Motivational speeches on how to be successful and rich from your inner drive , BUT don’t actually give you anything for the $600.00 or show you how to be successful from an actual Business plan in a growing Industry.
    They get rich on telling people that they are rich and that they too can harness the spirit in them and be your own boss to make money and be rich .

  • simus1

    Trump a better con man than Emperor Barry?
    Let’s just say Trump’s bedrock supporters are more “realistic” about politicians and harder to please.
    One could also say that a douchebag like Bill Maher is not worth a listen.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That last sentence really cuts to the bone of the issue.

  • canminuteman

    My feeling is that they are all con men, and given what the establishment has given us over the last 30 years, why not take a chance? At this point what do we have to lose?

  • Waffle

    Norman Mailer she ain’t.

  • The cultural left created Trump.

    You can only tell people to shut up (that is not PC) so many times. At some point they will speak up.

    Trump’s success is directly a result to the PC gag order the (leftist) media has promoted for too long.

    He may be brash. Too bad. He is a breath of fresh, long overdue, air.

    • About time.

    • lolwut?

      Trump is just more bombastic then he was in the 80’s.

      See his interviews on TV with Oprah and Lettermen in ’88.

      His message about trade and being ripped off hasn’t changed.

  • glasnost

    Watching Trump win gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. It’s a figurative punch-in-the-face to the politically-correct A-holes on the left AND THE RIGHT.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Holy shit!
    Trump is taking questions and strolling through the audience in Cincinnati.
    He’s turned into Phil Donahue for veterans.

    • lolwut?


      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Go to around twenty seven minutes.

        • lolwut?

          You got ninja’d 😉

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Whaddya mean?

          • lolwut?

            “Ninja’d” means some posts something before you.

            I updated my post with an edited version with just the Q&A.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I usually read through before I post my two cents,